Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Euro 2016 Quarter Finals Facebook Contest!

Join our Euro 2016 Finals score prediction Facebook contest and win awesome prizes!
Do look out for our postings from this weekend's Quarter Finals right up to the Euro Cup 2016 Finals on how to win.

Click on each of the links below the match ups to start Liking, Commenting, Sharing & Winning!

*T&C Apply, all matches are in Malaysian Timing.

Quarter Finals:
Match 1 - 1/7, 3AM - Poland vs Portugal (click HERE to predict this match)

Match 2 - 2/7, 3AM - Wales vs Belgium (click HERE to predict this match)

Match 3 - 3/7, 3AM - Germany vs Italy (click HERE to predict this match)

Match 4 - 4/7, 3AM - France vs Iceland (click HERE to predict this match)

Good Luck all and happy predicting!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Firenzzi: Innovative Home Appliances....

We often think about which brand of home appliances to get but the first thing we choose in those appliances is not the innovation and the function of it but the pricing of the product itself. 

Firenzzi offers not only affordable pricing but it's state of the art innovation in the appliances they create to suit our local lifestyle!

Firenzzi's product range consist of:
- Hygienic Personal Washer
- Garment Steamer
- Kitchen Hob/Hood/Oven
- Baby Comfy
- Food Warmer
- Humidifier
- Juice Maker
- Smart Kettle
- BBQ Expert Grill
- Induction Cooker

Firenzzi does also offers a standard 1 year warranty just like any other appliances which also gives us peace of mind whenever we want to purchase any appliances. The appliances from Firenzzi are also easy to use and to clean after using it which is one of another factor people look into before purchasing a home appliance, the maintenance part of it. 

Look out for offers from us for Firenzzi products!

Follow LINK to view Firenzzi's product range at

Also do checkout the Raya contest which you can win some awesome Firenzzi products!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kenwood Brand Of The Month! June 2016

Our brand of the month deals is back with a new brand to take the throne. This month's brand is KENWOOD.

A brief history of Kenwood and how they became one of the world's leading kitchen appliances manufacturer, who also operates in 44 countries. Kenwood kitchen appliances originated from its British roots and is owned by the De'Longhi Group.

Kenwood designs, produces and sells many range of kitchen appliances from stand mixers to toasters.

Kenwood's exclusive offer and deals such as free shipping throughout the month, markdown prices, free gifts and many more exciting offers to not miss this month!

Kenwood Kitchen Machine.

Click HERE to view more varieties of Kenwood ranges of products!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Syiok-Nye Syawal!

The fasting month is here, and most of us were waiting for this moment to look forward to amazing offers this Syawal!

Here it is the Syiok-Nye Syawal in conjunction with the fasting month and also Hari Raya this year. We are also running a contest to add to the excitement this month!

All of the categories on sale here

Syiok-Nye Syawal contest page here including detailed instructions on how to participate.

We would like to thank our partners who are supporting us in this campaign and making it happen!

Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a happy fasting this month & happy shopping!