Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Music - Great For Relaxation, Study or Reading!!

Listening to good and soulful music will help you attain self improvement and have a better quality of life. You can do your household chores after turning on some good music and you will never feel the strain. Also you can use music for motivation. Music can definitely change your state of mind and make you more relaxed and happy. By listening to stimulating music you tend to become more relaxed.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brings the warmth of Christmas into your home!

All excited to indulge yourself in the festive spirit of Christmas? 25th December - the day marked as Christmas all over the globe, is a day of utmost fun and frolic, strengthening the bondage with closed ones, exchanging gifts and decorating the house with the varied Christmas decor items. Everybody wants to feel the warmth of the celebration. It gives you immense pleasure when you involve all your near and dear ones in the process of decorating the house during Christmas. While Christmas is easily one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, preparing for it can also cause of a lot of stress. Christmas is the best time of year for gorgeous home and outdoor decor, so grab the whole family for some holiday decorating fun!

Superbuy brings the warmth of the holidays into your home! In order to celebrate this special holiday, Superbuy recommend you a better way to showcase the Christmas holidays with your family and friends by customizing your walls with special Christmas wall decoration stickers. Whatever you want to express - love, fun, prosperity, success, joy, peace, happiness, inspiration, sophistication - you can create personalized Christmas wall stickers that will truly evoke the holiday spirit. Your family and friends will appreciate the visual display you can create. In fact, they will think you went out and hired a professional to design the art for your Christmas wall stickers! What are you waiting for? Create the right impression for your home, office, or school with Christmas wall stickers now!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beautiful Hair Is Not A Dream...

Hair is the crown of the human body. This is the beauty of a person's personality. Hair care is very important. It does not matter how gorgeous you are if you ignore your hair. Good hair care contains simple steps like brushing and combing, shampooing and drying, treating baldness, hair conditioning, dandruff, hair dyes, split ends and hair loss treatment and some other methods. We can start hair care from home. With right care and interest you can bring back its vitality and glossy shine. Below are several products which available in Superbuy.

Caring Ele
gance Hair Colour Cream 50ml

Quick Overview:

Caring Elegance give you attractive and charming hair colour, cool and outstanding beauty with various shades that you can switch your unique personality with confidence.


* Nice & Vivid look naturally
* Smooth and even coverage - Soft & homogenous cream can thoroughly covers your hair so it renders the smooth and harmonious natural hair colour.
* Confidence in Efficiency - Your hair colour will be nice. vibrant with long lasting result.

de KIRIAKI Hair Tonic 200ml

Quick Overview:

de KIRIAKI Hair Tonic treats premature hair loss. It is created after years of intensive research by Soredec Research Laboratory, France. Its unique biochemical formula combined with hydroglycolic plant extracts is perfected after series of intensive scientific tests. The hydroglycolic plant extracts are derived using an original process whereby active ingredients are preserved undamaged. You can be assured of the gentle yet effective results evidenced after using de KIRIAKI Hair Tonic.

Rene Intensive Protein Treatment 500ml

Quick Overview:

For damaged permed/ dyed hair. May be used as alternative hair conditioner (which may cause hair to straighten or relaz after permed and prolong use). Rene Intensive Protein Treatment nourishes your hair in its rich and creamy form with detangling effect to smoothen hair for free and natural styling.

WellaStrate Straight System Mild- Straightening Cream Mild 100ml+Neutralizing Emulsion 100ml

Quick overview:

Wellastrate is a powerful and reliable straightener which, thanks to its new cationic formula base, also ensures ideal structural balance at the same time. Its special Hydro Safe Complex demonstrably increases the hair's own capacity to retain moisture, whilst the reserves of moisture formed in this way prevent the hair structure from drying out. Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.

Fusion F1 Straight Activation Perm 500ml

Quick Overview:

Fusion Straight Activation Perm let your hair go straightened with this heat activated formula. Straight Activation Perm controls and transforms your hair from frizzy and wavy to smooth glossy texture. Unique protein technology enriches the formula with added cuticle protectants and heat inhibitors to reduce frictional damage. Leave hir smoother and shinier.

Kadus Hydro Energy Mask 200ml

Quick Overview:

Containing seaweed extracts, for normal to dry hair. supplies the hair with abundant, long-lasting moisture and ensures a noticeably softer feel and a natural shine. Contains the energy-rich E3 Complex with the structural ingredient creatine, protein and glucose that gives the hair visible, noticeable vitality, leaving it strengthened on the inside and cared for on the outside.

Kadus Remove Control Shampoo 1000ml

Quick Overview:

Containing echinacea extract, to treat dandruff. Ingredients acting in close synergy remove dandruff reliably; when used regularly, they prevent the formation of further dandruff. The C3 Complex formula containing tiger grass, amino acids and sea salt controls the scalp's balance of oil and supports its natural function.

Solis Magma 1800W Hairdryer

Quick Overview:

Solis Magma 1800W Hairdryer with maximum power is the new hairdryer from Solis of Switzerland. The Magma has a truly powerful airflow which is achieved due to a streamlined inner pipe based on engineering techniques and wind tunnel studies in the car industry. Elastic and extra strong materials make the housing unique which ideal in harsh environment. The shaft is ergonomic and sleek grip ideal for small and large hands for easy handling and less fatigue on usage. This 1800W pro hairdryer will help you achieve salon results at home!

Wella Strate Care Booster 50ml

Quick Overview:

With its long lasting and penetrative effect, Wellastrate Care Booster intensifies the post straightening treatment (Wella Straight Saver). Add drop by drop (approx. 1 part, Care Booster to 5 parts Straight Straight Saver). Follow application instructions for Straight Saver.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 2009 New Arrival At Superbuy

On this November, Superbuy comes with more and more NEW items and NEW brands. Hurry Up to check out what's new in Superbuy now. Don't miss out any new arrival at Superbuy!


Laptop Bag...


Maternity Bra...

Flower Tea...

Air Purifier...

Wall Sticker...

Hair care...

Nutrition, Supplements...



Magic Games...(Upcoming)

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wall Decoration Stickers ~ Inspiration For Every Room

Are your white walls closing in on you? Are you moving into a dorm room or have a strict landlord or parental unit? Now, Superbuy comes with wall decoration stickers that are easy, movable and stylish, inspired from the designer. With a full wall decal guide, you can DIY your wall with whatever style you inspire!

You can now express your creativity to transform any smooth surface into an artistic expression you can call your own. The IRkoreadeco collection will provide new opportunities for your walls. The stickers are self adhesive and applicable on all wall coverings, including ingrain wallpaper, doors, windows, floors, glass, mirrors, furniture, and more. Various colors for your choice, various size are available.

Animal Wall Deco StickerFlower & Plant Wall Deco Sticker
Kid's room Wall Deco Sticker
Pattern Wall Deco StickerTree Wall Deco Sticker
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freedom To Live With KINOHIMITSU

To expel harmful wastes from the body? To brighten skin from inside out? To restore youthful vitality to your skin? To have a perfect body shape? To increase your cup size? Need Detox?

Now, Kinohimitsu makes all your dreams come true! With Kinohimitsu Health Pad, Hot Health Pad, J’pan UV-Bright Drink, J’pan Beauty Collagen Drink, J’pan BodySlen Block & Burn, J’pan BustUp Drink, J’pan Detox Juice, J’pan detox Tea, Rejuvenating Seat Pad, Relaxing Sleeping Pad, and Kino Rub, you can discover the results that you have never been expected!

Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink ~ Collagen

Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink is the most effective way to restore youthful vitality to skin, not only on your face, but your whole body including the neck, bust and bum. It is the functional, instant drink with a high concentration of Collagen helps to plump up your skin, so make way for smoother, firmer, younger looking skin in just 6 days!

Having these problems?It is telling you:
I need supplementary Collagen!

Clinically Proven:

Kinohimitsu J’pan UV-Bright Drink

Kinohimitsu J’pan UV-Bright Drink is the most effective way to restore fair skin, not only on your face, but your whole body including the underarms, elbows, tummy, knees, inner thighs and groin! It is a functional, instant drink that also provides UV protection against harmful damages for up to 9 hours. It is rich in Grape Seed Extract (OPC) and effective whitening ingredients such as Grape Polyphenols, Apple Polyphenols and Vitamin C, so you can achieve brighten, fairer, clearer and younger luminous skin in just 6 days!
Having these problems?

Your skin is telling you:
I need UV-protection and Kinohimitsu J’pan UV-Bright Drink for perfect fairness!

Clinically Proven:

Kinohimitsu J’pan BodySlen Block & Burn

Tried many weight loss methods but still can’t get your perfect body? You probably have a low metabolic rate and your body is prone to storing fats. Include Kinohimitsu J’pan BodySlen Block & Burn in your weight loss program today. You will be amazed with its fast and prolonged results without having to worry about any side effect. Kinohimitsu J’pan BodySlen ia a delicious Block & Burn drink that satisfies picky taste buds while filing your thirst and hunger in one go. One bottle a day keeps you slender always!

Clinically Proven:

Real Life Testimonials:

Kinohimitsu J’pan BustUp Drink

A full, rounded, firm and sexy bust line makes any woman look more attractive and feel confident, no matter the age. Kinohimitsu J’pan BustUp Drink is a functional, instant drink to help you boost your bust line without having to resort to surgical methods and medication. Using only all natural active ingredients extracted from plants, Kinohimitsu J’pan BustUp Drink is a healthy, safe and effective solution to increase cup size, defy gravity and turn back the effects of ageing by working to increase the plumpness, firmness and perkiness of your breasts from within. 1 bottle a day, as soon as 14 days, will not only make your breasts firmer and toned, but will amaze you when your bras start feeling tight after having your breasts barely fill the cups for years.

Having these problems:

Your breasts are telling you:
We need Kinohimitsu J’pan BustUp Drink!

Clinically Proven:

Now, Superbuy comes with Kinohimitsu Great Saver Pack for the J’pan Beauty Drink, J’pan UV-Bright Drink, J’pan BodySlen Block & Burn, and J’pan BustUp Drink, with 5 boxes for 1 month supplies.

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