Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wall Decoration Stickers ~ Inspiration For Every Room

Are your white walls closing in on you? Are you moving into a dorm room or have a strict landlord or parental unit? Now, Superbuy comes with wall decoration stickers that are easy, movable and stylish, inspired from the designer. With a full wall decal guide, you can DIY your wall with whatever style you inspire!

You can now express your creativity to transform any smooth surface into an artistic expression you can call your own. The IRkoreadeco collection will provide new opportunities for your walls. The stickers are self adhesive and applicable on all wall coverings, including ingrain wallpaper, doors, windows, floors, glass, mirrors, furniture, and more. Various colors for your choice, various size are available.

Animal Wall Deco StickerFlower & Plant Wall Deco Sticker
Kid's room Wall Deco Sticker
Pattern Wall Deco StickerTree Wall Deco Sticker
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