Monday, June 30, 2014

Ramadhan Promo : Huawei Honor 3C, 3 round sales at 1st July with PWP price for selected accessories

Today, Huawei will be open for sale at 11.08am, 3.08pm and 10.08pm with limited quantity for each time. This might help those who are unable to grab the deal during working hour or having class around 3.08pm.

Superbuy also came with a special Purchase-With-Purchase deal for the Honor 3C by getting exceptional low price for purchase of Remax Power Bank, Samsung 16GB microSD card and Yoobao 3pin AC from RM9.90 onward with purchase of Huawei Honor 3C.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Launching of Huawei Honor 6 from Beijing, Another affordable Smartphone with high-end specs

Craving for more affordable device that perform like one of those flagships from Korea and Japan? Yes! that's what Huawei is currently doing with its Huawei Honor 3C which is selling at RM499 weekly, but everyone knows that in Smartphone industry, no one can be the champion forever and the key is to continuously come out with a new improved model that replaces its predecessor with more feature and stunning price.

In just less than 24 hours ago, Huawei unveiled its Huawei Honor 6, it seems like the phone comes with a major upgrade as compared to its predecessor, the Huawei Honor 3C. One of the upgrade includes a brand new 4th generation Sony IMX214 13MP rear camera that is supported by a dual LED flash which should give sufficient lighting for low light shots while the selfie camera it gets the similar 5MP camera with 88 degree angle lens. 

As for the screen it remains the same 5" screen size but with a lot of boost with the resolution up to 445PPI and guarded by the famous corning gorilla glass 3.

While for performance wise, the Huawei Honor 6 is powered by a home made 8-cores Hisilicon Kirin 920 chipset that supports LTE 6 CAT and paired with a very generous 3GB RAM that only a few flagships able to provide. 

The Kirin 920 chipset runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Emotion UI 2.3 and is capable to score over 40k of AnTuTu benchmark which is significantly higher than most today's flagship. Usually high performance comes with a payoff of high energy consumption and high operating temperature, but in this case, Huawei claims the Kirin 920 produces less heat compared to its predecessor and it is energy efficient which also help to prolong the battery life by gaining more hours from every mAh battery capacity spent. In their studies it shows the Honor 6 battery performance last significantly longer up to 30% as compared to both Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5.

The missing LTE band support in Honor 3C is now available in the Honor 6, and there is also boost of internal storage with a choice of 16GB or 32GB that is also expandable with microSD card which should eliminate the worries on storage availability for this powerful device.

Huawei again surprising everyone with the pricing of the Huawei Honor 6 with a starting price of just 1,999 CNY for 16GB model.

Stay tuned for more updates from us. 

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Original Yoobao Elfin Power Bank RM19.90 at 25th June 2014, 3.08pm. Limited Quantity Only

Superbuy is running an exclusive deal for Yoobao Elfin Power Bank 2200mAh YB-6101 at 23rd June 2014, 3.08PM with a special rate of RM19.90 only which is about 60% discounts from its RRP while stocks last.

Yoobao Elfin Power Bank 2200mAh is made lightweight at just 67 grams and paired with the small body design it is meant to be pocket friendly which minimize the burden of carrying it around you.

The 2200mAh battery capacity may look small, but usually this is the little bit of extra juice that our smartphone needs to get through the day and this is where the Yoobao Elffin Power Bank kicks in which is enough to charge up about 70% extra juice for today's flagship models. Thanks to the small battery capacity, it gets fully charged in around 2 hours and this is a lot faster as compared to other power bank that has a larger battery capacity.

As a reminder, Huawei Honor 3C will be open for sale as well at the same time, and this round without the limitation of numbers of units to be bought! 

Stay tuned and get your account logged in before the deal start!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Asus Zenfone 5 Stock Arrival with Surprise of 2GB RAM

The long waited Asus Zenfone series has built up massive angry customers who wait for their phone more than 2 months, the Zenfone 4 gets to be the 1st model that fulfilled customer's order, now the Zenfone 5 takes its turn to be the second model to fulfill pending orders with a surprise upgrade to 2GB RAM!

Since the 1st announcement of Zenfone 5, there is several changes has been made till date including the available date and the downgrade of its processor from Intel z2580 2Ghz Processor to Intel z2560 1.6Ghz Processor which disappoints most customers and make them holding back their order and requested for a refund. You may also find out previous post of Asus Zenfone here

But now it seems like Asus is quietly compensating its Zenfone 5 customers with an upgrade of the RAM from 1GB to a generous 2GB RAM without any price increment. This makes the phone much more capable in multitasking and indirectly telling their customer that the wait is worth for something.
But unfortunately for Zenfone 6 there is still no news about it yet, but we do believe it should be somewhere around the corner since Zenfone 4 and Zenfone 5 already made its way here. So stay tuned for more great news! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Automatic faucet that comes with easy installation

Feeling jealous whenever you use the automatic faucet in a luxury shopping mall? Now you can make your sink comes with this automatic dispenser that makes washing hands without the needs to turn on and off your faucet again because it will only dispense water when it sense your hand reach certain distance to the dispenser.

Automatic Faucet dispenser is not a new thing we have seen, but installing one used to be costly and once it's broken, there is a lot of plumbing work needed to be done and the worst you might end up switching back to the traditional faucet due to the mess and cost that will be involves. But with today's advanced technology, things are getting simpler and more user friendly, the new automatic sensor faucet can now be installed easily on our own in just 5 minutes or less and it was powered by only a set of 4 AAA batteries which could last you a minimum of 6 months for normal usage. 

Other than the fun of having an automatic faucet, it also helps to solve oily/dirty faucet problem especially when we are cooking, using our oily hand to turn on/off the faucet would make the faucet knot oily which is a mess and uncomfortable for the next person to use.

Sometimes it is not just a matter of the luxurious feel, but it's a matter of convenience, hygiene and water saving that makes it a green move to save our earth.

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