Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Automatic faucet that comes with easy installation

Feeling jealous whenever you use the automatic faucet in a luxury shopping mall? Now you can make your sink comes with this automatic dispenser that makes washing hands without the needs to turn on and off your faucet again because it will only dispense water when it sense your hand reach certain distance to the dispenser.

Automatic Faucet dispenser is not a new thing we have seen, but installing one used to be costly and once it's broken, there is a lot of plumbing work needed to be done and the worst you might end up switching back to the traditional faucet due to the mess and cost that will be involves. But with today's advanced technology, things are getting simpler and more user friendly, the new automatic sensor faucet can now be installed easily on our own in just 5 minutes or less and it was powered by only a set of 4 AAA batteries which could last you a minimum of 6 months for normal usage. 

Other than the fun of having an automatic faucet, it also helps to solve oily/dirty faucet problem especially when we are cooking, using our oily hand to turn on/off the faucet would make the faucet knot oily which is a mess and uncomfortable for the next person to use.

Sometimes it is not just a matter of the luxurious feel, but it's a matter of convenience, hygiene and water saving that makes it a green move to save our earth.

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