Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Most Fascinating Kitchen Appliances

Currently in our market there are a mix of manual and also electronic appliances. Moreover with the technology moving forward at an extreme pace we could enjoy more advance appliances with almost the same cost as traditional appliances. Take a look at some of the most fascinating home appliances that you will ever need in your home's kitchen.

First up is the air fryer. The air fryer is at the top of the list when it comes to its overall functions. Fried food has become an all time favorite especially when it comes to fried chicken or chips. However, fried food has been proven to be unhealthy and regular intakes of it can result in arteries getting clogged up. So here comes in the air fryer to turn that around, with this technology we can now access to a healthier alternative of preparing the food we like. Instead of frying using oil to fry it, this thing basically use hot air and circulate it surrounding the food to heat it up and simulates the same style as frying with oil which the main goal is to have an evenly fried food from all the sides. Therefore, it is better to have a healthy lifestyle by having healthy method of cooking this way.

Note: Image are for illustration purpose only.

Look at Air Fryers HERE.

Next we are looking at the thermal cooker. A thermal cooker is a device has a good thermal insulation which can retain heat to cook food without the use of a heating source. The use of the thermal cooker definitely minimizes fuel, energy used and saves water at the same time. It keeps your food warm by not cooking it all the time as its filled with water and then being heated to cooking temperature outside the flask. To add some info, you will only need to spend a short period of time preparing the food and then stuff them all into a thermal cooker, and your hot meal is ready to be served whenever you need it. This way, your food can never be overcooked and according to official, you can save up to 80% of fuel costs as it will continue cooking even without the power.

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Check out some of our Thermal Cookers HERE.

Lastly the item that is quite fascinating is the blender. Have you ever thought of having a glass of fruit juice daily to have a balanced diet? Well you can always have a blender at home. Different blenders have variety of functions and features, even the less expensive ones are as useful to meet different customers needs. Not only can you blend fruits, but ice cream, milk to make milkshakes as well. The only particular thing you will feel troublesome doing is cutting fruits into pieces so that they can be fit into the blender and then served you a healthy juice after mixing them up.

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All Blenders HERE.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Top Essential Outdoor Adventure Equipments

When summer break hits your right in this month! You should get yourself involved in  more outdoor activities with friends and family, to back the loss of not getting enough time to enjoy over the past few months.

Now ask yourself when you last went out for outdoor activities? Pack up, time to go exploring around and start exercising. By doing that, not only can you give your stamina a boost, your personal health too. After consuming lots of unhealthy oily fried food during Raya. It's time to release some toxins that's been stored in your body for long.

Do you know what to bring along when going for your extreme adventures? Waterproof dry bag can be an option, as it's protected in variety of exercises including hiking, rafting, kayaking, water games, fishing, camping and all kinds of outdoor activities. Why would I say dry bag? The more places you visit to, the more activities you do the greater the chances of you're exposed to water especially when you're involved with water sports. Wouldn't it be inconvenient to carry around your stuff with bare hands? A dry bag can be useful at times, a waterproof is ideal for keeping all your belongings including electronics like your mobile phone, camcorder, tablets, ipod, as well as some dry clothes. A dry bag is waterproof too so that your stuff will not be permeated by water.

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View our range of dry bags HERE.

Think about it, if you're involved in a lot of water sports, how many towels do you really need? Do yourself a favor to get a huge trek towel that actually dries faster than a beach towel. Imagine if you have a lot of water sports activities in a short duration, that towel the usual beach towel would not dry up in time for the next use. Therefore, a smaller, lighter and more intuitive towel is needed. I'm advising you so that you do not worry about the crucial matter that stranded you from enjoying. There are many types of huge towel, but a fiber towel will be better as they absorbs and dries water quicker than common towels do.

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Hydrofiber towel available HERE.

The last item I would like to recommend is the army knife, why? Because it comes in a bundle of tools attached to it where you can use it to do many things. Be it in camping, beach picnicking, or jungle trekking. Lock blade, nail cleaner, opener, screwdriver, all of these can be found on the army knife. It's considered as an alternative for many usages and saves a lot of cost and space if you intend to go out with lightweight backpack or luggage.

Image is for illustration purposes only.
Get yourself one HERE.

Those are the few items that you can have with you during your extreme activities, some of which you can use for your other daily uses too. Tell us on our Facebook page what else you can bring on your extreme outdoor activities trip?.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 59th Independence Day Malaysia! 31st August 2016

59 years ago, Malaysia was officially declared independent from the British Empire. After 59 years, we are all now living on this soil land and is free from any colonization like 59 years ago. It is on this coming Wednesday, we are celebrating our 59th Malaysian Independence Day, simply proves that we have gone through many ups and downs throughout the 59 years together. This special occasion has given us a precious opportunity to cherish the freedom and harmony we are having right now.

There were many times we were tested, but anyhow we have made it to where we are today. It simply indicates that although we have a major of three ethnics in Malaysia, but still, we managed to endure and bear with each other. Respecting each others cultures, traditions, social and religions is what makes Malaysians so exceptionally good.

We have witnessed Malaysia at its strongest and weakest moment, we hold hands and stood up high for each other at every moment because as the old saying goes "United we stand, divided we fall".

The recent Olympics sporting arena has once again given us the chance to bond our relationship, we shouted, we supported, we sang our national anthem the "Negaraku", we were there to show that our morale boosted whenever our national athletes were contesting at the battlefield regardless of their ethnicity. this could leave us a tremendous memory knowing that although we may fight sometimes., but we were all born and bred in this peaceful land that has given us so much.

Be blessed Malaysians, be proud of your country, be thankful always, and be sure to continue supporting Malaysia at the best for many more years of Independence Days to come. sincerely wishes every Malaysian in the world, Happy 59th Independence Day!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3 Most Common Cameras You Would Love to Have

Selfie is the definition of taking pictures of your ownselves by using a digital or phone camera while facing the camera to yourself. They're interesting and made to appear casual. thus, to give yourself a cool shot, a selfie camera is something you need the most. Everyone wants themselves to look good on-the-go be it on the internet or real life. To opt a selfie camera, most of it comes with the make-up enhancing mode which provides better enhancements the images which will transforms a person to look better. The idealistic of the beauty of the skin that women seek, together with the desired skin tone and smoothness.

Note: Image are for illustration purpose only.

Look more from HERE.

Now, I am going to recommend you with the DSLR. What is DSLR? It's the camera that raises the ranks from an amateur to advanced photographer! You get tired when your old digital camera could not cope up with those pictures and videos quick enough and sometimes even too slow to process, you missed taking that great shot. I wouldn't say DSLR is the best, but it is definitely unlike the rest of the cameras in general. DSLRs are basically similar to those digital cameras but the overall quality and response is very much better. One of the best features of a DSLR is that it can switch its lenses. Each of the lens delivers a new and stimulating view, there are few types of lenses which consists of the following lenses which are telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, fisheye lenses which allows you to snap pictures with wider angle to capture amazing pictures. Also when someone talk of speed, I'm referring to the shutther speed of the camera. DSLR is way faster than the usual digital camera because it has a few settings of speed which can allow each picture to have its own unique characteristics, therefore to avoid missing any great shots taken you should grab your DSLR and it's never too late to join in the bunch of becoming an upcoming pro photographer!

Note: Image are for illustration purpose only.

Look more from HERE.

Instant cameras! The third most common one, most people would go with instant camera. It literally is a combination of a camera and a mini instant printer.One big benefit of the instant film cameras are the instant pleasure they provide the photographer. Back in the days when most people spent a lot of time waiting to see the prints of their pictures come back from the developer? With instant camera, a posture of click and snap, the next thing you do is just to wait for the print to be printed out on the spot, where it magically develop within just a few minutes. It is great for parties too as it captures fun and candid shots. Most of the times we would provides a hardcopy right away!

Note: Image are for illustration purpose only.

Do not miss anything HERE.

All in all, cameras has became an essential to our everyday lives now from professional work to daily uses. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Toys Are Suitable For Kids?

Different variety of toys are made to cope with kids preferences. Furthermore, toys are valuable enough that we are willing to devote our money, time and living space to. Playing with toys is an everyday part of family life after all. Kids get to build different types of skills through play. They practice emotional and social skill such as creative thinking, verbal and nonverbal communication, choice making and more. Nevertheless, what toys are suitable for kids?

Soft toys! If a child has only one toy, it is likely to be soft toy! The fluffy dolls come in all shapes and sizes to suit nearly any taste. Children have always wanted a chance to play the adult, soft toys make great recipients of a child’s pretend care and discipline. Furthermore, they will always greet their owners with smiles no matter how many times they are dropped, sat on or left alone. Kids like hugging them most of the time instead of their pillow! 

Thus, do not hesitate to view some soft toys like little pony, pandas, and fluffy dolls HERE

note: Image is for illustration purposes only.

Toddlers, if given a piece of ordinary soft pottery clay, they will be motivated to explore it by poking it, squeezing it, and hitting it! The changes on the clay mean so little to us, but they are so magical to the kids. Every child needs experiences that can match with their rate of progress, and a simple piece of soft clay is a perfect match whenever they are ready! If they can notice the change in the clay, they are learning that such action brings consequences. Playing clay actually stimulates child’s curiosity, imagination, and creativity. Parents get to play it with their children and enjoy their own sweet time together. 

Visit HERE for some CLAY now! 

note: Image is for illustration purposes only.

Building blocks provides learning experiences for young children as it stimulates learning in terms of the developmental level, intellectual, social-emotional and language. 
Toy blocks and other construction toys might not be as cool as robots or video games, but it does help to improve kid’s creativity and mental stimulation. Children strive to learn how to build different structures of building blocks, and this could possibly strike their creative mind. Building blocks does offer a fundamental platform to encourage a child’s creative abilities, not just the logical! 

Visit HERE for some BLOCKS now! 

note: Image is for illustration purposes only.

Your children have always wanted to be with you and to spend some jovial time together. So, why not playing board game? Board games provide a platform where you can learn and gain opportunities, they satisfy your child’s competitive desire to master new skills and concepts. Taking Monopoly board game as example, it has been a classic board game for over 100 years. The game does offer a lot of financial wisdom and lessons that can be applied to the real world of finance and investing. 

Therefore, buy your children an ordinary MONOPOLY board game to allow them exploring their cognitive thinking and money management.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The 3 most important gadgets you need ON THE ROAD

1. Dashcam / On Board Vehicle Recorder

On Board Vehicle Recorder, its other name is the dashboard camera (dashcam). It is similar to any video recorder except the size of it is small and out of sight to others, another pro to it is that it is easy to install and use. There are a few of ways to install it which is firstly is attaching it to the windscreen by using a suction cup, another way it to get a retrofit dashcam which if fitted together with the rear view mirror and lastly, you could also mount it to the dashboard by using a good double sided foam or acrylic tape so that it won't damage the dashboard material. In recent years, it has captured the attention of the mass. Here's why:  

  First, to avoid any post-accident legal headaches by recording the facts. Let’s say you bump into somebody, and when the blame game starts, things are definitely driving you crazy. Therefore, to avoid all this nonsense, installing a dashcam can save you a lot of hassle by having the facts! 

  Also, to avoid parking accidents. When you leave your vehicle unattended for too long, anything could happen and you will have no idea what could happen too. Thus, the beauty of dashcams is that they will be recording and you can leave them on while you are away since many are battery operated.

  There are a lot of people faking the accidents like insurance-scamming, such as those pedestrians purposely run into traffic in order to get hit by a car. Thank goodness! With video evidence like this, you can always stay out of trouble and stand a chance in court too! Things get serious especially when festive season is approaching, everyone is rushing back home recklessly/carefully, hence, to avoid any unnecessary hassle, getting a dashcam is absolutely the best choice ever!

2. USB Car Charger

The world is now on the mobile computing bandwagon where everything, like, internet access, games, musics, and walking direction (GPS) are now at your fingertips. It is truly powerful though, until you are running out of battery.

  Have you ever been through the situation where you are getting stuck in the middle of nowhere (eg, traffic jam) and yet the phone is running out of battery? All those apps and high-end functions of your phone consume a lot of power that dry up the battery faster than ever. Upon encountering with such situation, you can opt for a USB car charger to keep you going! 

  When you are en route to your hometown to celebrate any festive season, chances are, you may end up stranded in the heavy traffic congestion. Imagine that your Snapchats, twitters, or Facebook posts getting stuck in the midst of being uploaded because of the phone battery issue. in this case, a usb car charger let you charge as you go, and keeping you entertained without you having to worry about it! 

Owning a smartphone/tablet is not something new anymore, but keeping yourself connected to it is a hard way to go, to ensure you have a continuously enlightenment ahead, a USB car charger will always be an alternative. And the best part is you can enjoy unlimited charging while your car is on the go!  

3. Phone Holder

In this era of technology, it's a must to have your mobile devices in front of you all times. Mobile devices have many functions such as listening to musics, watching videos, surfing the net, and many more. BUT!, a mobile device is also one of the highest source of accidents, especially when driving. By law we are told to pull over when taking a call or texting, but most people do not follow the law it. To avoid this, there are holders that can be installed in the vehicle which will allow drivers to attach their mobile devices to it and use it as a hands free.

  Putting a phone holder in a car can prevent distractions on the road. Many reports have been published that actions done while driving led to fatalities on the road. One of these could be reaching for items inside the vehicles. You can use the cell phone as a GPS while mounting it on the holder. GPS provides an easy way to get to various destinations by displaying maps and routing directions for you. People who own cell phones will find that a cell phone holder allows them to take full benefit of it because the phone mounted to the dashboard to easily to be viewed and voice instructions to be heard carefully.

  Things could happen on the road, to avoid it, first, you must prevent it. To me, it helps me a lot whenever I'm accessing the GPS service. Helps me for a better view by mounting to the dashboard.

5 things you need during Raya Rumah Terbuka!

Marking the end of Islamic fasting month, here comes the long awaited day- Syawal! Having a “Rumah Terbuka” is a must for the sake of gathering all your loved ones along to makan besar (feast). But, have you figured out the most essential things to be prepared for the big feast?

1. Firenzzi Buffet Tray
This may sound a little exaggerating, we will have to admit that getting this buffet tray is one of the best among the 5 items for raya to grab, especially if you are planning for a raya open house. This buffet tray comes with a warmer, where it can provide hot/warm dishes for your family and guest whenever you want. If you are busy entertaining your friends during open house, a buffet server is good enough to keep the food warm for all the time. Saves cost and time unlike using the light candles with the conventional traditional buffet server. Thanks to this innovative product of Firenzzi, now everyone can have a ready-to-serve meal anytime, in which you do not need to re-cook, steam or reheat in the microwave anymore, cuz this thing will heat anything up in 15minutes, as well as keeping the food warm for 8-10 hours 

2. Firenzzi Electronic Control Air Fryer
   Having a bad day with all those unpleasant aroma on you after frying food? Have you ever wondered why do you have to be smelled really bad after frying a fish? Hold up, now you can opt for Firenzzi Electronic Control Air Fryer! It is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating the hot air around the food, basically it replaced oil. A mechanical fan will circulate the hot air around the food at high speed, cooking the food and producing a crispy layer. 

An air fryer’s cooking chamber radiates heat from a heating element close to the food, thus cooking it more efficiently and appropriately. That you can say it is 30% faster, saves energy and time. If you appreciate convenience, you’ll want to consider an air fryer with a simple touch operation and a convenient on/off switch. Therefore,  A user and environment-friendly –harmless and odorless air fryer is always the best choice especially when it comes to frying, let alone this 8-in-1 features fryer that has fry, roast, bake, stir fry, grill, steam, and BBQ functions with it!
   It is during thie grand festival that you do not want to have those unpleasant aroma left on you. Hence, you may drop by the link below for more information. 

3. Thermos 7L Stainless Steel Pot 

Can you imagine a huge pot of Chicken curry without a fine, fit, durable pot to put in?! There you go, Thermos 7 Litre Stainless Steep Pot! With this big pot, you can store even more chicken curry inside! It is a multi-purpose pot suitable for steaming, cooking, fying, brewing and double boiling. Also, it is nonreactive, meaning that you can cook any kind of food in it. Chicken soup, chicken curry, or Rendang chicken as well!
   Most of the time we ask ourselves, why should we be using stainless steel pot? Easy, cuz Steel itself is a fantastic stuff, doesn’t chip, bend or crack easily, so does scratch! That way, you can keep it long enough for the Raya Terbuka ahead as it stays shiny over years of use. 


4. Oasis 7L Azure Thermal Cooker

A thermal cooker is a cooking device that uses thermal insulation to retain heat and cook food without the continuous use of fuel or other heat source. It basically is used for cooking rice and porridge, make soup, stew meat, and stay cool! Long cooking means more tender meat and thus it allows cooking of beans, lentils, and brown rice. This way, you can cook a more palatable course meal, even with Rendang chicken! 

The cooking procedure is pretty simple and easy. All you need to do is first, stuff all your ingredients into the inner pot and then cover/simmer them for about 10-20mins. Lastly, place the inner pot inside thermal cooker before closing the lid and your food is ready to be served in no time! This home appliances giving you an opportunity to cook a delicious food without having to put a lot of effort into cooking yourself. Don’t hesitate to check out something cool like this.

5. Glasslock 3pcs Tempered Glass Round Food Container Set

Mama has been using the plastic food container set for years, it’s time to make a change! Now, why would you displace it with a tempered glass round food container set especially during the Raya Rumah Terbuka??
Firstly, it looks prettier. Glass beauty is the least rational reason to switch from plastic to glass, it is just simply more substantial and cooler looking than plastic. Nothing can beat you from having a cool looking food container to store your “kuih-muih”(biscuits & cakes), you can show them off!

Second, keeps your food safe! Glass is a non-porous surface, neither does it absorb food and germs and it can be safely washed at high temperature in the dishwasher after using.

Third, it eases for food preparation, serving and cleanup, especially when you have a big crowd of visitors during Open House and are lack of time for the preparation as everyone is busying with their business! So why not do yourself a favor by having a tempered glass food container set that can come in handy to store “banyak lagi kuih-muih!” (more biscuits & cakes)

Enjoy your Raya Rumah Terbuka!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Euro 2016 Semi Finals Facebook Contest!

Things are getting more pumped up in the Euro 2016 Finals score prediction Facebook contest and win awesome prizes!

Do look out for our postings from this weekend's Semi Finals right up to the Euro Cup 2016 Finals on how to win.

Click on each of the links below the match ups to start Liking, Commenting, Sharing & Winning!

*T&C Apply, all matches are in Malaysian Timing.

Semi Finals:
7/7, 3AM - Portugal vs Wales (click HERE to predict this match)

8/7, 3AM - Germany vs France (click HERE to predict this match)

Good Luck all and happy predicting!
#football #euro2016 #quarterfinals #predictscore #prizes

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Euro 2016 Quarter Finals Facebook Contest!

Join our Euro 2016 Finals score prediction Facebook contest and win awesome prizes!
Do look out for our postings from this weekend's Quarter Finals right up to the Euro Cup 2016 Finals on how to win.

Click on each of the links below the match ups to start Liking, Commenting, Sharing & Winning!

*T&C Apply, all matches are in Malaysian Timing.

Quarter Finals:
Match 1 - 1/7, 3AM - Poland vs Portugal (click HERE to predict this match)

Match 2 - 2/7, 3AM - Wales vs Belgium (click HERE to predict this match)

Match 3 - 3/7, 3AM - Germany vs Italy (click HERE to predict this match)

Match 4 - 4/7, 3AM - France vs Iceland (click HERE to predict this match)

Good Luck all and happy predicting!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Firenzzi: Innovative Home Appliances....

We often think about which brand of home appliances to get but the first thing we choose in those appliances is not the innovation and the function of it but the pricing of the product itself. 

Firenzzi offers not only affordable pricing but it's state of the art innovation in the appliances they create to suit our local lifestyle!

Firenzzi's product range consist of:
- Hygienic Personal Washer
- Garment Steamer
- Kitchen Hob/Hood/Oven
- Baby Comfy
- Food Warmer
- Humidifier
- Juice Maker
- Smart Kettle
- BBQ Expert Grill
- Induction Cooker

Firenzzi does also offers a standard 1 year warranty just like any other appliances which also gives us peace of mind whenever we want to purchase any appliances. The appliances from Firenzzi are also easy to use and to clean after using it which is one of another factor people look into before purchasing a home appliance, the maintenance part of it. 

Look out for offers from us for Firenzzi products!

Follow LINK to view Firenzzi's product range at

Also do checkout the Raya contest which you can win some awesome Firenzzi products!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kenwood Brand Of The Month! June 2016

Our brand of the month deals is back with a new brand to take the throne. This month's brand is KENWOOD.

A brief history of Kenwood and how they became one of the world's leading kitchen appliances manufacturer, who also operates in 44 countries. Kenwood kitchen appliances originated from its British roots and is owned by the De'Longhi Group.

Kenwood designs, produces and sells many range of kitchen appliances from stand mixers to toasters.

Kenwood's exclusive offer and deals such as free shipping throughout the month, markdown prices, free gifts and many more exciting offers to not miss this month!

Kenwood Kitchen Machine.

Click HERE to view more varieties of Kenwood ranges of products!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Syiok-Nye Syawal!

The fasting month is here, and most of us were waiting for this moment to look forward to amazing offers this Syawal!

Here it is the Syiok-Nye Syawal in conjunction with the fasting month and also Hari Raya this year. We are also running a contest to add to the excitement this month!

All of the categories on sale here

Syiok-Nye Syawal contest page here including detailed instructions on how to participate.

We would like to thank our partners who are supporting us in this campaign and making it happen!

Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a happy fasting this month & happy shopping!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

QQ Watch Product Launching @ Sheraton, KL

Yesterday was the product launching for QQ Watch which was held at Sheraton, KL. We would like to thank IVD Sdn Bhd (Ideal Vision Distributions Sdn Bhd) for inviting Superbuy to this launching ceremony.

QQ Watch is product of Tencent Holdings Limited from China, an innovative product which breaks barriers in the current market.

Opening speech by QQ Watch's official distributor in Malaysia, Sibyl World Sdn Bhd Mr. Khairuddin Haji Ahmad.

Next speech was by Mr. Liang Ye Chun who was from the principle company Tencent Holdings Limited, he gave a speech of the company's future direction and the future of technology in the world.

Followed by 2 other speeches by Malaysia's very own crime prevention organizations, speeches was on crime and child safety.

Soon after the speeches, they officiated the product launching by unveiling QQ Watch! We were privileged to be there to witness it.

Showcase of QQ Watch at the product launch. There were some touch and feel session after the unveiling of QQ Watch.

Some of the features of the watch is to make calls, capture photos with its 3MP camera, pedometer, syncing to multiple users with updated smartphones (Android 4.0+ & IOS7.0+), accurate gps location positioning monitoring, voice notes, SOS signalling to synced users, Wechat connect, you can also use this watch to find people nearby to you too.

Preview of QQ Watch application functions. (GPS location of the watch on google maps)
PS: this can be used with waze, apple maps, google maps. how convenient is that.  

QQ Watches comes in 3 different attractive colors: Qua Blue, Lavender Pink, Buttercup Yellow

QQ Watch are coming soon in, so stay tuned for exclusive offers!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

OSTER Brand of The Month May 2016 (FREE TGV Movie Passes......)

It's that time of the month already for us to decide which brand is taking the spotlight this month. The brand that is going on the podium under the spotlight is Oster!

Oster is a brand rich with history started out on 1924 became a manufacturer of choice for professionals in the grooming industry. It was not until 1946, the first Osterizer® Blender was introduced. With that said it became a sensation and truly a trusted brand favored by consumers.

Now Oster has become the brand of the month in Superbuy for this month!

Below are the details that is running in conjunction of the brand of the month:

We also provide recipes to make the Oster more vibrant to use that it is, these recipes can be used in your daily diet to promote a healthy lifestyle.View recipe here.

Oster has other variant of products too, to view products follow this link.

Terms & Conditions applies for Oster promotions**