Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 59th Independence Day Malaysia! 31st August 2016

59 years ago, Malaysia was officially declared independent from the British Empire. After 59 years, we are all now living on this soil land and is free from any colonization like 59 years ago. It is on this coming Wednesday, we are celebrating our 59th Malaysian Independence Day, simply proves that we have gone through many ups and downs throughout the 59 years together. This special occasion has given us a precious opportunity to cherish the freedom and harmony we are having right now.

There were many times we were tested, but anyhow we have made it to where we are today. It simply indicates that although we have a major of three ethnics in Malaysia, but still, we managed to endure and bear with each other. Respecting each others cultures, traditions, social and religions is what makes Malaysians so exceptionally good.

We have witnessed Malaysia at its strongest and weakest moment, we hold hands and stood up high for each other at every moment because as the old saying goes "United we stand, divided we fall".

The recent Olympics sporting arena has once again given us the chance to bond our relationship, we shouted, we supported, we sang our national anthem the "Negaraku", we were there to show that our morale boosted whenever our national athletes were contesting at the battlefield regardless of their ethnicity. this could leave us a tremendous memory knowing that although we may fight sometimes., but we were all born and bred in this peaceful land that has given us so much.

Be blessed Malaysians, be proud of your country, be thankful always, and be sure to continue supporting Malaysia at the best for many more years of Independence Days to come. sincerely wishes every Malaysian in the world, Happy 59th Independence Day!


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