Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Most Fascinating Kitchen Appliances

Currently in our market there are a mix of manual and also electronic appliances. Moreover with the technology moving forward at an extreme pace we could enjoy more advance appliances with almost the same cost as traditional appliances. Take a look at some of the most fascinating home appliances that you will ever need in your home's kitchen.

First up is the air fryer. The air fryer is at the top of the list when it comes to its overall functions. Fried food has become an all time favorite especially when it comes to fried chicken or chips. However, fried food has been proven to be unhealthy and regular intakes of it can result in arteries getting clogged up. So here comes in the air fryer to turn that around, with this technology we can now access to a healthier alternative of preparing the food we like. Instead of frying using oil to fry it, this thing basically use hot air and circulate it surrounding the food to heat it up and simulates the same style as frying with oil which the main goal is to have an evenly fried food from all the sides. Therefore, it is better to have a healthy lifestyle by having healthy method of cooking this way.

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Next we are looking at the thermal cooker. A thermal cooker is a device has a good thermal insulation which can retain heat to cook food without the use of a heating source. The use of the thermal cooker definitely minimizes fuel, energy used and saves water at the same time. It keeps your food warm by not cooking it all the time as its filled with water and then being heated to cooking temperature outside the flask. To add some info, you will only need to spend a short period of time preparing the food and then stuff them all into a thermal cooker, and your hot meal is ready to be served whenever you need it. This way, your food can never be overcooked and according to official, you can save up to 80% of fuel costs as it will continue cooking even without the power.

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Lastly the item that is quite fascinating is the blender. Have you ever thought of having a glass of fruit juice daily to have a balanced diet? Well you can always have a blender at home. Different blenders have variety of functions and features, even the less expensive ones are as useful to meet different customers needs. Not only can you blend fruits, but ice cream, milk to make milkshakes as well. The only particular thing you will feel troublesome doing is cutting fruits into pieces so that they can be fit into the blender and then served you a healthy juice after mixing them up.

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