Monday, November 30, 2015

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Official Launching Highlights: Sony Z5 series (Secret deals inside)

The world's first 4K smartphone is finally here!

And the good news is, they have officially launched the Z5 series in Malaysia, which means now you could enjoy this extraordinary innovation today!

Today, we'll be bringing you to see what's going on in the launching event and the highlights of Sony's Z5 series! Also, we'll have a secret deal for you, so make sure you read to the end.

Sony Z5 Series launching @ One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

The event started with Nadia Heng as the event Emcee.

Then we got lots of blah blah blah... We'll make a summary for you later.. And they've got lots of "World's best...." for you to discover.

After the presentation, they directed us to the Xperia Gallery, which we could see the presentation of the phone AND finally.. TOUCH and FEEL the PHONE!

Getting in.. getting in... getting in to see the "Photos like never before"...

Any Xperia fans got all the phones from Z1 to Z5??

How Xperia Z5 look in the inside...

Can you spot the Xperia Z5 Compact?

A booth for us test how good is the camera is to shot in low light and moving objects.. Personally tried it... Very Extremely clear shot even the train is moving... When I zoom in, I can even see the texture of the train... real COOL!

Photo gallery from Xperia Dual with beautiful vivid color pictures.. No wonder it's called "World's best camera in a smartphone!"

Finally... get to feel the real phone!

Sony Z5 Dual - available in 4 colors (White, Green, Gold, Graphite Black)

Z5 Series Product Highlights

1) World first 4K resolution smartphone - Only for Z5 Premium!
Imagine your commercial TV might only provides you with 1080 High Definition (which most people agrees it's clear enough), but Sony Z5 premium offers 4 times clearer and sharper display. So, imagine you could now have a superb view in you phone than your TV!

(Image from Internet)

2) Super Stamina of battery
Another highlight for Z5 is they all have a super long life of the batteries. With the intense usage of smartphones everyday, we often experience low battery in our phones and bringing a power bank with us along is a "norm" to most of us. Now with Z5, the battery can last for 2 days and the Quick Charge function can keep your smartphone on the go for a full day with just 45 minutes charging!

3) Camera: 5 times zoom 
Using the latest technology, Sony could now bring you to a 5 times closer vision... AND most importantly, when you zoom, it will NOT lose the picture quality!

(Image from Sony Mobile)

4) Low light quality shot
Also, the new Z5 offers a very good capture at low light environment with a superior auto mode with ISO 12800 capability. Now you wouldn't have to worry about capturing low quality photos at night!

(Image from Sony Mobile)

5) Single handed unlock: Fingerprint Sensor 
Get your phone going with just a touch!

6) Waterproof - as always
Well, not to forget, Sony's mobile phone is well known with its WATERPROOF capability! So, don't worry if you split liquid on it or get wet in the rain, cause it will still be in good condition.

(Image from Sony Mobile)

7) Colors Available:
Sony Z5 Premium: Chrome, Gold, Black
Classy and Elegant to suit your professional status and lifestyle.

Sony Z5 Dual: Graphite Black, White, Gold, Green
4 classic colors is everyone's favorite.

Compact: Graphite Black, White, Yellow, Coral
4 vivid and stylish colors to match your fun character!

Well, if you are keen to know more about the specs, we have compile it for you:
(Click to Enlarge)

So, bragging so much about the capabilities, it's time to see how much it cost in Malaysia:
1) Sony Z5 premium - Coming soon
2) Sony Z5 Dual - RRP: RM 2699
3) Sony Z5 compact - RRP RM 2299

However, I did promise you on the secret deals earlier. Here you go.....
Currently, we are selling at:
1) Sony Z5 Premium - Coming Soon (Stay tuned)
2) Sony Z5 Dual - Click here for the discount price.
3) Sony Z5 compact -  Click here for the discount price.

Grab the "World best camera in a smartphone" today!

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