Thursday, April 23, 2009

Creative Living with THE LEAF from IDEAS

Earth Day, Earth Hour, Goes Green, Greenish, Environment Save....etc..
Something suit with such events come into my mind: THE LEAF by IDEAS.
IDEAS inspiration is drawn from an observation of the physical environment and always bring you the finest unique product as a gifts, collectibles, gadgets, and novelties.

The Leaf Utilities Holder - L900
FEEL PRESSURE!!! This is the new innovative designer product to release your tension. With a multipurpose holder that can organize your stationary properly and refresh your desktop environment. It's cool Gadget.
Fashion, Fresh Look design, Hold any type of mobile phone. Comprehensive function. Decorate your platform.
Size: 90mm x 90mm x 260mm
Available in 5 colors: Navy, Dark Grey, Pink, Orange, Light Grey

The Leaf cable holder - L600
This is a new product series of the Leaf 2008. It's spacious compartment can easily storage and solve the mobile phone cable problem that expose to the dust.With it's natural plant concept , it can make your living desktop or environment more fresh and modern.
Size: 90mm x 90mm x 180mm
Available in 2 colors: Black & White

The Leaf mobile phone holder - L800
The LEAF is the new innovative & creative product for your mobile phone .This is the vehicle mobile phone holder series.With Fashion,Fresh look design and hold any type of mobile phone,THE LEAF is your choice to decorate your car interior environment.
Size: 35mm x 75mm x 290mm
Available in 2 colors: Green & Pink

The Leaf Uholder mobile phone holder - L100
Soft and elastic material is the main idea of this mobile phone holder.Beside it can protect your mobile phone housing from scratches and it can easily organize your mobile phone inside the car.Side pocket enable you to charge or plug handsfree to any type of mobile phone with any connection points. Colourful material can chill up your car interior and bring you to the latest trend status.
Size: 84mm x 100mm x 285mm
Available in 3 colors: Green, Pink, Black

BOB Photo Frame - L300
This is a human style look design photo frame with the rotateable frame portion, it will make your phot more fun and cutie. Lets start keep it all in five color to make your living environment more interesting.
Size: 60mm x 90mm x 115mm
Available in 5 colors: Navy, Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Princess Kitchen Appliances - Breakfast

What's a home without a Princess?
What's a breakfast to have without a Princess?
Still thinking of tomorrow breakfast? Lets Princess prepare for you...

Princess Kitchen Appliances of the day:
- Classic Egg Cooker & Mini Steamer
- Classic Roller Sandwich Toaster
- Princess Nice Price Coffee Maker
- Classic Mini Fryer & Fondue
- Classic Sandwich Grill
- Classic Mini Table Chef

Malaysian Preferable: Kopitiam Style Breakfast
Toast(Roti Bakar) + Half Boiled egg + coffee (Kopi-O/Kopi-gao/Kopi Susu...)

Preparation for Toast (serve with any jam you prefer)
Princess Classic Roller Sandwich Toaster 142386
- Classic Roller Toaster
- Brilliant! A toaster and sandwich-maker in one, with a roller lid to keep out dust.
- Handsome model in chrome-plated steel.
- For toasting two sandwiches or two pieces of bread simultaneously.
- With an extra wide opening (32 mm) to accommodate French bread.
- Complete with toasted sandwich clamps and a rack for French bread and bread rolls.
- With temperature sensor, browning adjustment, stop button, crumb tray,
an extra high pop-up mechanism and automatic self-centering system

Preparation for Half-Boiled Eggs (best served with soy sauce & bit of pepper)
Princess Classic Egg Cooker & Mini Steamer 261908
Unique stainless steel food steamer and egg boiler in one appliance.
- Ideal for boiling 1 to 6 eggs.
- Fully automatic, adjustable for number eggs and desired hardness.
- Come with special rack for changing appliance into food steamer.
- Ideal for steaming vegetables, dim sum and bapao rolls.
- Healthy cooking with no loss of vitamins! With indication light, warning signal for when the food is ready and measuring cup.

Preparation for Coffee
Princess Nice Price Coffee Maker 242007
- Capacity: 1.5L
- Complete coffee maker for 10 cups
- With anti-drips
- water level increments and on/off switch with indicator light
- Can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning
- Comes complete with a handy measuring scoop

Western Preferable: English Breakfast
Bacon, eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or toast, and sausages, usually served with a mug of tea.

Preparation for Bacon, Eggs, Grilled tomatoes & Sausages
Princess Classic Mini Table Chef 102221
- Highly versatile compact griddle (21 x 21 cm) suitable for: meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, pancakes etc. 700-900W
- Complete with non-stick coating and easy to clean with kitchen paper or in the dishwasher
- Perfect heat distribution to ensure food cooks evenly all the way through
- Can be used as a barbecue, indoor barbecue or Japanese griddle (TeppanYaki) Great for in the kitchen, on the table, or even in the garden or on the balcony or camping
- Creates healthy low-fat food because no butter or oil is required
- Fitted with an adjustable thermostat (up to 215°C) with indicator light and handles that stay cool
- Tip: Can also be used for defrosting.

Preparation for Fried Mushroom
Classic Mini Fryer & Fondue 182611
Compact deep fryer and fondue pand in stainless steel, ideal for a traditional meat fondue iil or for a Swiss cheese fondue, choclate or Chinese fondue(hotpot).
- 1.2 litre capacity
- adjustable thermostat
- indicator light and fondue ring
- practical removable lid with permanent filter and viewing window.
- including frying basket and 6 fondue forks.

Preparation for Toast
Princess Classic Sandwich Grill 112309
Contact grill with removable grill plates.
- Come with two removable plates easy to clean.
- Ideal for fish, meat vegetables, sandwich etc.
- The grill places have a non-stick coating so no oil or fat is needed reducing fat absorption for deliciously light food!.
- The removable grill plates are easy to clean.
- Complete with power and ready indicator lights, automatic thermostat and overheat protection.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PowerOne iFly cordless headphone for Ipod Shuffle

The iFly truly revolutionizes the way you listen to your iPod shuffle!

This is a "wearable" cordless headphone special dedicated for iPod shuffle.
Whether its in the gym, or on the street, the ergonomically-designed iFly gives you excellent sound clarity together with bass that takes you away from the outside world, giving you just pure music all the way. The iFly features a docking mechanism that connects to your iPod shuffle wirelessly. On top of that, the docking mechanism also comes with a protective cover that allows you to navigate your music and protects your shuffle without sacrificing style. The iFly sports a collapsible and easy-to-store design that tucks neatly even in your pocket when you are done with it.

The iFly is the perfect complement to your shuffle especially if you simply loathe wires. You can now listen to your music without worry of wires dangling. Even after hours of active activity, the iFly feels almost weightless due to its lightweight and yet sturdy design. The iFly is truly what active people and their shuffle needs. Let the music play!

    Lifestyle Features:
  • Incredible sound quality withbass giving you exercise music the extra kick.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight design does not slip even rigorous training.
  • Superbly robust frame able to withstand wear and tear and fits almost all types of head sizes.
  • Interchangeable protective sover for the docking mechanism, protects your shuffle and keeps you in style.
  • Ergonomically - design docking mechanism allows easy navigation of the iPod Shuffle.

    Techincal Spesifications:
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity : 96+- 3db/mW at 800/1,000/1,200/1,600 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms +- 15% at 1 kHz
  • Distortion : <3%>
  • Max Power Rating: 20mW
  • Weight: 3oz (without iPod Shuffle)
Selling Price: RM118

Click here for more details: PowerOne iFly cordless headphone

Electronic Dictionary A1000 Mini Full Color

Electronic Dictionary Mini A1000 Full Color

This is Taiwan's smallest color translation machines supporting Micro SD card.
200 Million Lexicon with English Godfather professional authorized.

Size: L99 * W75 * H17.3 (mm)
Weight: about 135 grams (including batteries)
60005 thousand color QVGA TFT true color LCD screen

Record by professional announcer Terri L. Pebsworth. With almost 20 years of corporate training experience in Taiwan, Ms Terri Pebsworth, is one of the leading corporate trainers. She started out by teaching corporate English at a variety of companies in Taiwan, including large multinationals like Johnson and Johnson, Nokia, Morgan Stanley, Fujitsu and Hewlett Packard and local corporations such as first International Computers, Ford Motor, Micro Star, China Trust and Formosa Plastic,etc...

P/S: electronic dictionary A1000 is in chinese menu & with some chinese wording keypad


.E-Star 独家 GVMaker 功能让 A1000可以免费添加新功能如槟岛地图、世界之最、UPSR试题
.支援 Micro SD 卡,使用 Nokia BL-5C 相容的充电电池




辞典聘请专业美语播音员Terri L. Pebsworth录制,发音清晰,让你掌握标准美语发音。录音经历超过20年,为200多家出版机构或公司单位提供标准美语录(配)音服务,录音经历包括:TOEFL考试、 Discovery频道、台北大众捷运系统、台湾桃园国际机场、101大楼、故宫博物院…等知名场所语音录音及观光地区旅游导览语音。

"意释达"马汉英辞典, 等等。。

A1000详情/details: 按!

More choice: Electronic Dictionary, Click here!

Monday, April 13, 2009

FIRENZZI Garment Steamer - FGS 20 DJ. Selling good for first launch at Superbuy

Say Goodbye to Old Traditional Irons~!!

The new FIRENZZI Garment Steamer are for no-frills user that just wants to get the job done than any professional can do.
With the advance of new technology and innovation, your household appliances should assist you to do more with shorter time.
With FIRENZZI, you can now feel more relax, by looking forward to hassle-free ironing experiences for sure, that will improve your quality of life for you and your family.

When it comes to ironing for fabrics and delicate materials, I feel more relax to iron out without worry about my garments caught with burnt marks like most traditional steam irons used to happen again and again!
The FIRENZZI Garment Steamer is a complete solution to all your ironing needs. With high power bursts of steam, the FIRENZZI Garment Steamer will help you ironing out those hard areas to reach with the cool touch handle coming with full complete accessories together!

FIRENZZI Garment Steamers are designed for ironing all types of fabrics to delicate silk. It protects and safe guard your garments from burnt marks and does not fade your colors. The high power steamer functions help you to iron your clothes without removing it from its hanger or the trouble of setting up your ironing board. Automatic shut-off when over heat or shortage of water, automatic reset.

Beside, our modern designs even come with easy-roll costars that help you move easily and store your FIRENZZI Garment Steamer anywhere you want!

Superbuy highly recommend HIGH POWER GARMENT STEAMER - FGS 20 DJ for consumers. This model is much more economic, affordable and suitable for home used. (Only at RM339)

Mother's day coming! No more headache for your wife(your children mom) / mom's present on her Special day.
FIRENZZI Garment Steamer - FGS 20 DJ is the right choice!!

Click for details: FIRENZZI Garment Steamer - FGS 20 DJ

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portable LaptopTable - Best Selling at Superbuy

Portable Laptop Table as Best Selling items at Superbuy.

Wondering where should you put your laptop while travelling? Bringing laptop even out for picnic?? Finding a table for laptop while watch Movie or MSN on your bed? Rushing for documents while in your car, where should you put your laptop (kinda hot to put on lap)? Unable to find a small table which suit your kids?

Are you encounter such problem?? No worries, we got the solution.

Our best selling items in Superbuy: Portable Notebook Table.
More variety of Notebook table for sale in Superbuy.

Best Selling 1: Portable & Foldable Laptop Table (Temporary Out of Stock)

- elegant laptop table/reading table at home, office, school or travel use
- can be used on top of table, on the floor, bed, etc
- comes with two coolers (to be connect via USB cable)
- extra strong and sturdy, support weight up to 25kg
- structure suitable for any sized laptop, legs adjustable to any comfortable angles when is use with mouse pad
- Material: ABS

* Personally love this table very much. *Highly Recommended*

Best Selling 2: Laptop Table Best for Bed

- A kind of notebook computer desk for bed

- Facilitate users to use it for reading and writing in bed and sofa
- Can rotate within 360 degree
- Height of desktop can be adjusted in the scope of 17 - 40cm
- Easy to install and adjust
- Material: Solid wood

Best Selling 3:
Notebook Table (Aluminum)

- Good co-worker in speech and report
- Mobile cinema on bed
- Colorful and fashionable (available in 4 colors)
- Color: Black, Sky, Pink, Green
- Firm structure, the table can carry a weight of 15kg and a little bit more
- The weight is only 0.58kg and easy to take along in a notebook computer bag
- Easily adjustable height and angel
- The aluminum alloy made tabletop gives out heat fast
- Material: Aluminum

Best Selling 4: Multifunctional Portable Laptop Desk with Fan (
Temporary Out of Stock)
- Firm and style with material of Aluminum Alloy.
- Comes with laptop fan and USB cable.
- Adjustable height and angle according to your needs.
- The table can carry a weight of 15kg
- Multifunctional: Laptop Table, Reading Table, Dining Table, etc
- Could be folded totally flat, easy for travel and store
- Material: Aluminum Alloy

Best Selling 5:
Notebook / All-purpose Table Stand
(Temporary Out of Stock)
- Independent designed mouse pad area, give you more comfortable feel when using mouse
- The simply and easy adjusted height and angle, let's you control your laptop in every single angle.
- 360 degree, can be laid flat wise as a table
- Easy to fold and use less space when not using it.
- Can be used as small table for reading, writing and many more
- Material: Solid wood

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Monday, April 6, 2009

New! Vest Free Anti-Microbial Spray's Ionic Silver

No more worries on Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses while traveling.

Vest'Free Anti Microbial Spray's ionic silver technology provides a superior hygiene shield against harmful bacteria, viruses & fungi. It is in travel sized bottle which more convenient to bring along whenever you are traveling / outing activities.

Powerful Advantages:
- Non-toxic
- Environment friendly
- Non-flammable
- No harsh chemical smell
- 24 hours residual protection

Effective Against: SARS, Bird Flu, HFMD, MRSA, Meningitis, HIV etc.

Direction for Use: Spray on the affected areas as & when required.

Best application on:
- Hand, Nail & Foot fungus
- Body acne
- Bad odour
- Itchiness
- Hardened / cracked heels

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Hot Selling~ Robot Floor Cleaner OKU SAN NO

How nice if there's a "Robot" at home to do the vacuum job !!

OKU SAN NO Auto Floor Cleaner picks up an amazing amount of dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, cat litter, crumbs, leaves and other debris as it autonomously navigates throughout your home. OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and cleans everywhere you want while avoiding off-limit areas.

Cleans hard-to-reach places
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner compact shape allows it to vacuum beneath beds, couches and other hard-to-reach places while the innovative, spinning side brush removes accumulated debris along kickboards, cabinet edges and corners.

Transitions from carpets to hard floors
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner automatically transitions from one surface to the next, effectively lifting dirt, dust and debris from carpets, rugs, tile, linoleum and hardwood floors.

Avoids stairs and drop-offs
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner knows when it's approaching stairs and other drop-offs, cleans up to the edge then automatically and safely changes direction to avoid going over edges.

Spends more time on dirtier areas
Auto Cleaner detects dirtier areas and responds by increasing its vacuuming intensity and cleaning pattern to ensure deeper, concentrated cleaning in that area.

Large, bagless bin
No messy bags to handle and replace! A large bagless bin captures dirt and debris. When the bin is full, simply slide it out, dump it into the trash and snap it back in for the next use.

Breathe cleaner air
An improved, fine particle filtration system traps dust, pollen and other allergens inside OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner bagless dustbin to ensure cleaner air in your living environment.

Automatically recharges
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner automatically locates and returns to its Home Base™ to dock and recharge between cleaning cycles and when the battery is running low.

Schedule cleaning times
An easy-to-use scheduling system allows you to preset up to seven dates and times for OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner to vacuum when it's most convenient for you - whether you're at home or on the go.

Avoids off-limit areas
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner comes with Virtual Walls device which creates invisible barriers to off-limit areas that it will not cross.

Click here to learn more: Oku San No Robot Floor Cleaner

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Polish and Lubricates with Mr McKenic 9-in-1 Technology Oil (NATO No: 9150181782091)

Hi all, recommendation of the day: Mr McKenic Products
Mr McKenic provides solutions to your corrosion, maintenance and cleaning problems. Mr McKenic products are used around the world in the following industries: Military, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Automative Marine, Facilities etc.

Top 3 Best Selling Recommendation from us:

1. Highly recommended:
Mr McKenic 9-in-1 Technology Oil
(NATO No: 9150181782091)

Say NO! to stubborn Stains!

Mr McKenic 9-in-1 Technology Oil is technically designed with 9-in-1 performance capability to:
- Penetrate
- Release
- Lubricate
- Displace moisture & water
- Protect all mechanical and electrical parts from corrosion

2. Professional Surface Protection/Cleaners:
Mr McKenic 5-in-1 Surface Cleaner

Say NO! to fingerprints on Surface

Mr McKenic 5-in-1 Surface Cleaner is designed for general cleaning, shining, maintenance and protection with excellent for use on:
- Glass
- Mirror
- Stainless Steel
- Chrome
- Plastic

3. Hygiene & Disinfectant:
Mr McKenic - The Germ Killer

Kill > 99.99% Gerns. Tested Safe! No Toxic Substances detected

Mr McKenic - The Germ Killer is effective against Legionella Pneumophia, Measles, Chicken Pox, Allergic Rhinitis and other Micro-Organisms.
Widely used in hospitals, houses, offices, clinics, hotels, nurseries, etc....
This product is tested Non Toxic and safe for children
- PH Neutral: Non- Corrosive
- Low Alcohol Content less than 5%
- Non Gaseous Product
- Non-Flammable

Other Mr McKenic Products:

Mr McKenic Air Conditioner Cleaner: improves air quality and air conditioner performance

Mr McKenic Contact Cleaner & Lubricant EE1325

Mr McKenic Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry) EE1331

Great Savers!! Now available in COMBO SETS...

- Buy 2 at RM49.90
- Buy 3 at RM79.90
*Available in few variety sets.