Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portable LaptopTable - Best Selling at Superbuy

Portable Laptop Table as Best Selling items at Superbuy.

Wondering where should you put your laptop while travelling? Bringing laptop even out for picnic?? Finding a table for laptop while watch Movie or MSN on your bed? Rushing for documents while in your car, where should you put your laptop (kinda hot to put on lap)? Unable to find a small table which suit your kids?

Are you encounter such problem?? No worries, we got the solution.

Our best selling items in Superbuy: Portable Notebook Table.
More variety of Notebook table for sale in Superbuy.

Best Selling 1: Portable & Foldable Laptop Table (Temporary Out of Stock)

- elegant laptop table/reading table at home, office, school or travel use
- can be used on top of table, on the floor, bed, etc
- comes with two coolers (to be connect via USB cable)
- extra strong and sturdy, support weight up to 25kg
- structure suitable for any sized laptop, legs adjustable to any comfortable angles when is use with mouse pad
- Material: ABS

* Personally love this table very much. *Highly Recommended*

Best Selling 2: Laptop Table Best for Bed

- A kind of notebook computer desk for bed

- Facilitate users to use it for reading and writing in bed and sofa
- Can rotate within 360 degree
- Height of desktop can be adjusted in the scope of 17 - 40cm
- Easy to install and adjust
- Material: Solid wood

Best Selling 3:
Notebook Table (Aluminum)

- Good co-worker in speech and report
- Mobile cinema on bed
- Colorful and fashionable (available in 4 colors)
- Color: Black, Sky, Pink, Green
- Firm structure, the table can carry a weight of 15kg and a little bit more
- The weight is only 0.58kg and easy to take along in a notebook computer bag
- Easily adjustable height and angel
- The aluminum alloy made tabletop gives out heat fast
- Material: Aluminum

Best Selling 4: Multifunctional Portable Laptop Desk with Fan (
Temporary Out of Stock)
- Firm and style with material of Aluminum Alloy.
- Comes with laptop fan and USB cable.
- Adjustable height and angle according to your needs.
- The table can carry a weight of 15kg
- Multifunctional: Laptop Table, Reading Table, Dining Table, etc
- Could be folded totally flat, easy for travel and store
- Material: Aluminum Alloy

Best Selling 5:
Notebook / All-purpose Table Stand
(Temporary Out of Stock)
- Independent designed mouse pad area, give you more comfortable feel when using mouse
- The simply and easy adjusted height and angle, let's you control your laptop in every single angle.
- 360 degree, can be laid flat wise as a table
- Easy to fold and use less space when not using it.
- Can be used as small table for reading, writing and many more
- Material: Solid wood

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