Monday, April 6, 2009

New! Vest Free Anti-Microbial Spray's Ionic Silver

No more worries on Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses while traveling.

Vest'Free Anti Microbial Spray's ionic silver technology provides a superior hygiene shield against harmful bacteria, viruses & fungi. It is in travel sized bottle which more convenient to bring along whenever you are traveling / outing activities.

Powerful Advantages:
- Non-toxic
- Environment friendly
- Non-flammable
- No harsh chemical smell
- 24 hours residual protection

Effective Against: SARS, Bird Flu, HFMD, MRSA, Meningitis, HIV etc.

Direction for Use: Spray on the affected areas as & when required.

Best application on:
- Hand, Nail & Foot fungus
- Body acne
- Bad odour
- Itchiness
- Hardened / cracked heels

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