Monday, April 13, 2009

FIRENZZI Garment Steamer - FGS 20 DJ. Selling good for first launch at Superbuy

Say Goodbye to Old Traditional Irons~!!

The new FIRENZZI Garment Steamer are for no-frills user that just wants to get the job done than any professional can do.
With the advance of new technology and innovation, your household appliances should assist you to do more with shorter time.
With FIRENZZI, you can now feel more relax, by looking forward to hassle-free ironing experiences for sure, that will improve your quality of life for you and your family.

When it comes to ironing for fabrics and delicate materials, I feel more relax to iron out without worry about my garments caught with burnt marks like most traditional steam irons used to happen again and again!
The FIRENZZI Garment Steamer is a complete solution to all your ironing needs. With high power bursts of steam, the FIRENZZI Garment Steamer will help you ironing out those hard areas to reach with the cool touch handle coming with full complete accessories together!

FIRENZZI Garment Steamers are designed for ironing all types of fabrics to delicate silk. It protects and safe guard your garments from burnt marks and does not fade your colors. The high power steamer functions help you to iron your clothes without removing it from its hanger or the trouble of setting up your ironing board. Automatic shut-off when over heat or shortage of water, automatic reset.

Beside, our modern designs even come with easy-roll costars that help you move easily and store your FIRENZZI Garment Steamer anywhere you want!

Superbuy highly recommend HIGH POWER GARMENT STEAMER - FGS 20 DJ for consumers. This model is much more economic, affordable and suitable for home used. (Only at RM339)

Mother's day coming! No more headache for your wife(your children mom) / mom's present on her Special day.
FIRENZZI Garment Steamer - FGS 20 DJ is the right choice!!

Click for details: FIRENZZI Garment Steamer - FGS 20 DJ

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