Thursday, April 23, 2009

Creative Living with THE LEAF from IDEAS

Earth Day, Earth Hour, Goes Green, Greenish, Environment Save....etc..
Something suit with such events come into my mind: THE LEAF by IDEAS.
IDEAS inspiration is drawn from an observation of the physical environment and always bring you the finest unique product as a gifts, collectibles, gadgets, and novelties.

The Leaf Utilities Holder - L900
FEEL PRESSURE!!! This is the new innovative designer product to release your tension. With a multipurpose holder that can organize your stationary properly and refresh your desktop environment. It's cool Gadget.
Fashion, Fresh Look design, Hold any type of mobile phone. Comprehensive function. Decorate your platform.
Size: 90mm x 90mm x 260mm
Available in 5 colors: Navy, Dark Grey, Pink, Orange, Light Grey

The Leaf cable holder - L600
This is a new product series of the Leaf 2008. It's spacious compartment can easily storage and solve the mobile phone cable problem that expose to the dust.With it's natural plant concept , it can make your living desktop or environment more fresh and modern.
Size: 90mm x 90mm x 180mm
Available in 2 colors: Black & White

The Leaf mobile phone holder - L800
The LEAF is the new innovative & creative product for your mobile phone .This is the vehicle mobile phone holder series.With Fashion,Fresh look design and hold any type of mobile phone,THE LEAF is your choice to decorate your car interior environment.
Size: 35mm x 75mm x 290mm
Available in 2 colors: Green & Pink

The Leaf Uholder mobile phone holder - L100
Soft and elastic material is the main idea of this mobile phone holder.Beside it can protect your mobile phone housing from scratches and it can easily organize your mobile phone inside the car.Side pocket enable you to charge or plug handsfree to any type of mobile phone with any connection points. Colourful material can chill up your car interior and bring you to the latest trend status.
Size: 84mm x 100mm x 285mm
Available in 3 colors: Green, Pink, Black

BOB Photo Frame - L300
This is a human style look design photo frame with the rotateable frame portion, it will make your phot more fun and cutie. Lets start keep it all in five color to make your living environment more interesting.
Size: 60mm x 90mm x 115mm
Available in 5 colors: Navy, Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange

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