Monday, May 4, 2009

Best Gift for Mother's Day : Scintilli Simulated Diamond

Still thinking what to buy for your mum for this coming Mother's Day? Think of jewelery! It's the "forever fashion" that every women will love, and best companion for life.
From Natural stones to Gemstones.
From Crystals to Diamonds.
From Pearls to Jades.

But, we would like to intro something special for you and your beloved Mom.
Something that could caught attention with its "BRIGHTNESS", "SPARKLING", "SHINNING".

Presenting: Platim® - Scintili jewelry

Scintilli usually known as simulated diamond. Scintilli is been recognized as one of the finest simulated diamond. Stone hardness is about 8.50 to 9.00 compare to real diamonds 10.00. In another words, you could purchase a "diamond" at 80% discount.

Scintilli also been cut by professional diamond cutter therefore the sparkle and fire is maximum brilliance.

Platim® is an existing new precious metal which offers a new alternative to white gold and platinum. It is comprised of platinum and sterling silver. It has the very bright white look white gold at just a small fraction of the prices.

Platim® is tarnish resistant and distinguished by a rich, white luster. The jewelery in this line is long lasting in both the nature of its material and in the quality of its design. The combination of Platinum and sterling silver, and a patented alloy, possesses the rich white luster and reflectivity of sterling silver coupled with the durability and permanence of Platinum.

The very unusual and very unique platinum sterling silver for jewelery manufacturing is set to take the silver jewelery manufacturing world by storm. Three compositions of the metal have been developed – 925/1%Pt, 925/3.5%pt, 925/5%Pt. Prices of the metal will be reflected in the percentage of the platinum content. The metal’s tarnish resistance and hardness likewise are determined by the amount of platinum used.

Every hand-crafted piece of Platim® is tarnish-resistant, requiring no special cleaning agents to keep your jewelery shiny for years to come.

After the brief descriptions, you might think luxury jewelery must be very expensive.
In fact, this brand is promoting affordable luxury jewelery. Jeweleries are at reasonable price and could bring up elegant impressions on the person who wearing it.

Various designs(as pictures) for sale at Superbuy:
- Best for casual wear
- Best for dinner wear
- Best for multi-function wear
- Designers collection ~Limited Edition~

Find out more Jewelery Details here:

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