Thursday, May 7, 2009

GINTELL Relaxation products for your mom on Mother's Day

Sacrifice her days for her Love one. Sacrifice her life for her family.
Is time to appreciate her efforts all this while on her Special day ~ Happy Mother's Day~
Best companion after tiring day. Its time to relax~
Best gift that could represent your words.
Highly recommend: GINTELL Relaxation products

Wide range of products on PROMOTIONS!!
Specially dedicate for your MOM

GINTELL BUY 1 FREE 1 Package - G-Pro Unique GT530
GINTELL G-Pro Unique Comfy Massage Chair provides unique massage experience to cater for individual needs. Its relaxation therapy for both physical and mentally, bringing harmony and peace to your body and soul. Programmes such as kneading, massage, air pressure and vibration present users an invigorating massage experience.

With more than 300 acupressure points in the body, our body shape is different as the shape of our face. Determining the exact body shape of the user allows a more sensitive massage to be applied effectively to just the right spot. It helps to relieve fatigue and neuralgia, promote blood circulation, ease muscle strain and stiffness, leaving you feeling relaxed all over. GINTELL G-Pro Unique Comfy Massage Chair is designed for just what our body requires.

G-Energy Pillow Massager(GT661)
GINTELL G-Energy Pillow Massager is designed with the unique vibration which is easy-to-use anywhere and anytime, especially for home, office or travel. In addition, the unique vibration provided deep relaxation to reduces stress, tension and also stimulate blood circulation.

G-Tappie Tap to Relief Massager(GT660)
GINTELL G-Tappie Tap to Relief is design to be user friendly and convenient to carry. It can be use at your home, office or even during your vacation. It comes with six-point symmetrical tapping massage for your back, thighs, calves & feet. In addition, it provides 7 different choices for massage rhythm, 7 different choices for tapping position and 5 different choices for massage intensity for a more personalized massage experience. That’s not all, the massager helps energize your body strength, stimulate blood circulation, relax tense nerves relieving muscle aches and fatigue and ease the pressure on your mind.

3 types of GINTELLHandheld Massager
GINTELL Handheld Massager provides easy to use functionality to make you conveniently massage yourself to meet the basic relaxation purposes. Mom can do massage anytime she needs.

G-Relax Handheld Massager (GT009)
G-Relax special stream-lined handle designed can easily controlled to make you more conveniently massage at any angle and any parts of your body. U-figured and round massage heads give a concentrated comfortable Shiatsu and palm pressing massage for reduce muscle pain and relaxes tight muscles.

G-Scrappie Handheld Massager (GT010)
G-Scrappie can easily reach any part of your body by its streamlined design to assure you relax your tight muscles in order to relieve muscle aches and congestion.

G-Vibo Handheld Massager (GT011)
GINTELL G-Vibo Handheld is an ingenious handheld massager designed with the combination of heat therapy and power-packed vibration massage that penetrates sore and weary muscles to provide instant relief.

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