Monday, April 6, 2009

Hot Selling~ Robot Floor Cleaner OKU SAN NO

How nice if there's a "Robot" at home to do the vacuum job !!

OKU SAN NO Auto Floor Cleaner picks up an amazing amount of dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, cat litter, crumbs, leaves and other debris as it autonomously navigates throughout your home. OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and cleans everywhere you want while avoiding off-limit areas.

Cleans hard-to-reach places
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner compact shape allows it to vacuum beneath beds, couches and other hard-to-reach places while the innovative, spinning side brush removes accumulated debris along kickboards, cabinet edges and corners.

Transitions from carpets to hard floors
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner automatically transitions from one surface to the next, effectively lifting dirt, dust and debris from carpets, rugs, tile, linoleum and hardwood floors.

Avoids stairs and drop-offs
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner knows when it's approaching stairs and other drop-offs, cleans up to the edge then automatically and safely changes direction to avoid going over edges.

Spends more time on dirtier areas
Auto Cleaner detects dirtier areas and responds by increasing its vacuuming intensity and cleaning pattern to ensure deeper, concentrated cleaning in that area.

Large, bagless bin
No messy bags to handle and replace! A large bagless bin captures dirt and debris. When the bin is full, simply slide it out, dump it into the trash and snap it back in for the next use.

Breathe cleaner air
An improved, fine particle filtration system traps dust, pollen and other allergens inside OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner bagless dustbin to ensure cleaner air in your living environment.

Automatically recharges
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner automatically locates and returns to its Home Base™ to dock and recharge between cleaning cycles and when the battery is running low.

Schedule cleaning times
An easy-to-use scheduling system allows you to preset up to seven dates and times for OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner to vacuum when it's most convenient for you - whether you're at home or on the go.

Avoids off-limit areas
OKU SAN NO Auto Cleaner comes with Virtual Walls device which creates invisible barriers to off-limit areas that it will not cross.

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  1. this is just a waste money item. No so helpful and so called intellixxx. It costs me RM1000.00 in Puchong jusco! And it does work for 5 mins only then requests to recharging for 8 hours! What a stupid thing. If you get from internet or china, it won't cost you even RM500

  2. For this item, I have been XX&&&%%% by my wife and got back to puchong sales for several time. They cannot solve the problem! So don't buy.

  3. This okusanno has a major design flaw! They overlook the main body is bigger than the bumper therefore got caught under low obstacle i.e under the chair and railings.
    Very noisy you hardly can hear the TV when operating. Wheels loose traction after a few months old.
    Better you pay more get irobot or else stick with your broom...

  4. Robotic vacuum cleaners are great. I bought mine few weeks ago and it is the best.

  5. Robot vacuum cleaners are the best investition for home improving. I bought last week and it is just awesome.