Sunday, July 10, 2016

The 3 most important gadgets you need ON THE ROAD

1. Dashcam / On Board Vehicle Recorder

On Board Vehicle Recorder, its other name is the dashboard camera (dashcam). It is similar to any video recorder except the size of it is small and out of sight to others, another pro to it is that it is easy to install and use. There are a few of ways to install it which is firstly is attaching it to the windscreen by using a suction cup, another way it to get a retrofit dashcam which if fitted together with the rear view mirror and lastly, you could also mount it to the dashboard by using a good double sided foam or acrylic tape so that it won't damage the dashboard material. In recent years, it has captured the attention of the mass. Here's why:  

  First, to avoid any post-accident legal headaches by recording the facts. Let’s say you bump into somebody, and when the blame game starts, things are definitely driving you crazy. Therefore, to avoid all this nonsense, installing a dashcam can save you a lot of hassle by having the facts! 

  Also, to avoid parking accidents. When you leave your vehicle unattended for too long, anything could happen and you will have no idea what could happen too. Thus, the beauty of dashcams is that they will be recording and you can leave them on while you are away since many are battery operated.

  There are a lot of people faking the accidents like insurance-scamming, such as those pedestrians purposely run into traffic in order to get hit by a car. Thank goodness! With video evidence like this, you can always stay out of trouble and stand a chance in court too! Things get serious especially when festive season is approaching, everyone is rushing back home recklessly/carefully, hence, to avoid any unnecessary hassle, getting a dashcam is absolutely the best choice ever!

2. USB Car Charger

The world is now on the mobile computing bandwagon where everything, like, internet access, games, musics, and walking direction (GPS) are now at your fingertips. It is truly powerful though, until you are running out of battery.

  Have you ever been through the situation where you are getting stuck in the middle of nowhere (eg, traffic jam) and yet the phone is running out of battery? All those apps and high-end functions of your phone consume a lot of power that dry up the battery faster than ever. Upon encountering with such situation, you can opt for a USB car charger to keep you going! 

  When you are en route to your hometown to celebrate any festive season, chances are, you may end up stranded in the heavy traffic congestion. Imagine that your Snapchats, twitters, or Facebook posts getting stuck in the midst of being uploaded because of the phone battery issue. in this case, a usb car charger let you charge as you go, and keeping you entertained without you having to worry about it! 

Owning a smartphone/tablet is not something new anymore, but keeping yourself connected to it is a hard way to go, to ensure you have a continuously enlightenment ahead, a USB car charger will always be an alternative. And the best part is you can enjoy unlimited charging while your car is on the go!  

3. Phone Holder

In this era of technology, it's a must to have your mobile devices in front of you all times. Mobile devices have many functions such as listening to musics, watching videos, surfing the net, and many more. BUT!, a mobile device is also one of the highest source of accidents, especially when driving. By law we are told to pull over when taking a call or texting, but most people do not follow the law it. To avoid this, there are holders that can be installed in the vehicle which will allow drivers to attach their mobile devices to it and use it as a hands free.

  Putting a phone holder in a car can prevent distractions on the road. Many reports have been published that actions done while driving led to fatalities on the road. One of these could be reaching for items inside the vehicles. You can use the cell phone as a GPS while mounting it on the holder. GPS provides an easy way to get to various destinations by displaying maps and routing directions for you. People who own cell phones will find that a cell phone holder allows them to take full benefit of it because the phone mounted to the dashboard to easily to be viewed and voice instructions to be heard carefully.

  Things could happen on the road, to avoid it, first, you must prevent it. To me, it helps me a lot whenever I'm accessing the GPS service. Helps me for a better view by mounting to the dashboard.

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