Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 Hamper!

The Chinese new year's songs are played at everywhere and the reddish lanterns are already hung at some of the Chinese's houses. It tells us Chinese New Year is coming soon! Most of the Chinese have already begun to shop for their Chinese new year's stuffs such as clothes, cakes and biscuits, spring festival couplets and Chinese New Year's hampers for their friends and family.

Talking about Chinese New Year's hamper, most people will think about giving a set of luxuries canned abalone, bird nest, shark fins and chicken essence which is somehow would cost over 200 bucks.
This year, 2011, we would like to introduce you a special Chinese New Year's hamper which all contains ORGANIC foods with only RM88(sounds like "fa fa":发发 in Chinese which means prosperity!). Everyone knows organic foods is good for health and its benefits towards health has recognized by the nutritionists world wide.

Therefore, giving out this healthy concept's hamper is a way to encourage our beloved friends and family towards healthier lifestyle and also making your hamper stand out from the rest! This "Prosperity to You Chinese New Year Hamper with all Organic Food"(the hamper's name also sounds nice! ^^) is suitable to be consumed by all especially for the elderly. Now, let's start to spread your healthy lifestyle by giving out this "Prosperity to You Chinese New Year Hamper with all Organic Food" which exclusively brought to you by!

  • Lakewood Organic Apple Juice 32oz
  • Radiant Organic Fruity Breakfast 400g
  • Radiant organic pure honey , 500g
  • Radiant Organic Rolled Oats 500g
  • Radiant Organic Jumbo Raisins 250g
  • Pure Harvest Organic Oat Milk 1 litre

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