Friday, February 13, 2015

Superbuy wish everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year and a safe journey home.

Superbuy wish everyone to have a safe journey home and a prosperous Chinese New Year

Let us highlight some useful advice we have mentioned previously for a safe journey on your way home:

1. Check your vehicle

Always keep your vehicle in good condition such as keeping enough lubricant fluids for your engine, radiator coolant level, brake, power steering and air pressure for your tire (inclusive spare tire) before the journey start. Even during the journey, one must pay attention for any weird noise and the indicator meter to check if there is any abnormal sound and meter reading (i.e. : high temperature reading) and pull over if required.

2. Always plan for your journey 

Always plan your journey and avoid traffic jams. Driving at night is chilling, but you might also put yourself at risk due to drowsiness. You may also refer to this Link for information on toll discounts and travel time advisory.

3. Food Supply

Bring extra food supply like drinks and cookies to fill up your stomach in case you're hungry, but still stuck in a heavy traffic and at the same time having difficulties to reach nearby restaurants.

4. Be alert and drive carefully

Be alert, drive ethically and avoid challenging with aggressive driver that might put you in harm by not having a direct eye contact that might cause misunderstanding and always be alert to vehicles around you. Other than that, tailgating is also a very dangerous act because you might not have enough time to slow down if anything happen to the vehicle in front of you.

5. Utilize your vehicle's Turn Signal

Use your turn signal accordingly few seconds before you are switching lanes or turning into certain junction because this would help to inform nearby vehicles to give ways to you. Other than that, please give ways to other vehicle as well because turn signal won't work if both parties do not cooperate among each other

6. Take a break

Overly manly man does not apply here, do not act like a hero and drive continuously even you're drowsy because most accidents happens are caused by drowsiness. Do not feel shy to switch driver or take a short break when you need it. 

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