Thursday, September 24, 2015

8 Mooncakes that are too cute to eat!

Mooncake is a traditional delicacy that is eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival (or more commonly known as Mooncake festival). Traditional mooncakes usually have a round brownish thin crust, with mostly lotus paste filling / red bean filling in the center.

However, as time passes, mooncakes have been innovated to many different types, design, sizes, colors.

Here, we have collected some of the cutest mooncakes design that are too cute to eat!

1. Hello Kitty
(Pic Source: The Icing Room)

For all those hello kitty lovers out there, these adorable kitties would definitely melt your heart. Moreover, these snowskin mooncakes are made into colorful dreamy pastel colors. Ohw.. I couldn't imagine putting these colourful mooncakes into my mouth!

 2. Angry Birds
(Pic Source: Peony jade Restaurant)

(Pic Source: Peony jade Restaurant)

Angry birds was once a big hit to the market. Many people regardless of generations were super crazy about it. The characters of angry bird itself are already very cute, what's more when it comes to transferring this idea into colorful mooncakes?

3. Baymax 
(Pic Source: Bento Monsters)

Ever since the movie Big Hero 6 was release, Baymax is always one of our favorite cartoon hero character. And it looks like his big fat belly is just the right place to fill in the lotus paste! Perfect when it is served with a cup of green tea!

 4. Minion
(Pic Source: Kit Wai's kitchen)

"Ba..Ba.. Ba..banana...." Everyone misses their cute voices singing the banana song! Featuring.......... the MINIONS!!! Aren't these people are so creative to make these lovely yellow creatures as Mooncakes?

5. Mickey

The all time favorite Disney Character - Mickey! Did the smiley faces of Mickey made your day? =)
Here's a tray of pastel color Mickeys that will make you drooling!

6. Bunny / Moon Rabbit

The bunny or moon rabbit is the one of the iconic animal that is related to mooncake festival. But hey, when they bake mooncakes in bunny shape, they looked so petite and adorable!!

7. Chinese Chess 

(Pic Source: Grand Hyatt Singapore)

Look at these little chinese chess mooncakes! There are so small and.... ehem... "useful"... You could even play a chess game before you munch it!

8. Doraemon
(Pic Source: Good Chen Mooncake)

Moulding boring traditional mooncakes into Doraemon characters is definitely a plus point! Even if we think mooncakes are too sweet to eat, the design itself is sufficient to make me want to grab some of them!

We hope you love them as we do! Superbuy team hereby wishes everyone Happy Mooncake Festival! We hope you have a great time with your friends and family.

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