Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fisher Price Toys – Laugh and Learn at the same time!!

Introducing the world of learning creativeness to your offsprings with Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Products!!
Often we would hear mothers complaining about how to teach their babies at such a young age without finding the solution. Today the problem is solve with Fisher Price product as this product could help enhance the crucial stage in baby's development and also help set the foundation in the baby's learning progress.

Fisher Price: Counting Friends Phone
This product is suitable for toddlers in terms of its friendly character with real photo images of animal friends! They will be able to learn how to count the numbers at an early stage and able to identify the animals identity. By pressing the buttons and flipping the pages, this strengthens the motor skills and eye-hand coordinations. Problem solver helps the baby to figure out how to activate the toy and hence will make the baby feels excited and suspicious at the same time. Most importantly Counting Friends Phone enhance the baby's vocabulary and at when the time comes when they reach adulthood they will be able to use strong and superb words!!

Fisher Price: Rain forest Rainbow Piano
With Fisher Price Rain Forest Rainbow Piano, the baby will have the chance to experience the joy of music!! Available 5 music color keys and smiling rainforest helps adding to the joy of musical fun!! Beside this product convenient to carry around and makes the mother more relaxable. Babies are also able to make music on their own and who knows one day they will grew up to be like Chopin, one of the world renown piano player! This product will absolutely keeps the baby entertain with just spinning the piano around instead of banging on the piano keys and amazingly it does not produced loud songs which irritates some people.

Fisher Price: Cookie Shape Surprise
This is product is especially special because it magically recognizes when the baby puts a cookie in the correct opening and responds by saying the shape and the number. The baby will also learn how to identify and sort 5 cookie shapes and enjoy fun rewards with each success. When the baby insert each cookies in the jar the toy will automatically plays music and when the baby pull the hands out the music will stop! This product has 2 modes which is the Shape Mode and the Number Mode.

Fisher Price: Learning Keys
Fisher Price Learning Keys officially provides your baby a world of learning fun , with a set of keys that brings with wide variety of colors and songs. The orange keys has a blue car that spins and clicks while the green key has sliding beads and last but not least a yellow house with spinning door. This product teaches the baby especially their first words, colours, textures and variety of songs.

Fisher Price: Laugh & Learn Learning Tool Bench
Build baby’s learning with some great tools! This tool bench is full of delightful surprises that make learning more fun with every tap, pound, pull or slide! Lights dance and three charming characters pop up when baby taps colorful shapes and learns to count. Pull the tape measure to sing the alphabet, slide the ruler to learn colors and shapes, or pound the hammer with rattling beads, just for fun! In addition to that it is convenient to carry around.

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