Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Gift For Him!~

Santa Claus is coming to town!~ Yeah! Christmas is about two more weeks to go!

What plays in your mind? Holiday? Snow(but Malaysia got no snow..owww)? Santa Claus? Or Christmas Gifts!

Yeah! It's the Christmas gifts! Previous post we've suggested Christmas gift For Her, this week, we suggest some Christmas gift ideas For Him!

Get a nice gift for him and let him know how deep is your love! Let's shop at now!

Is your loved one a matured style? Matured working man. These might suitable for him!

Our Price: MYR 180.00

Our Price: MYR 259.00

Our Price: MYR 199.00

Or a youthful and energetic guy? Check out these items!

Our Price: MYR 179.00

Our Price: MYR 465.00

Our Price: MYR 228.00

No matter what style he is, we got varies of gift for you to choose! It's all at!

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