Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Look : HTC One M8. Now with Duo Camera

HTC is back again this year like how it was about a year ago and brought us the flagship for 2014 with the same name HTC One with the code name of M8(M7 for 2013 version). This time it comes with 2 attractive colours like Gunmetal Gray and Glacial Silver, we find the Gunmetal Gray looks more attractive especially paired with the fine hairline brush that give you more premium and a solid feel.

The exterior came with an improved full metal body with fine finish like its rounded edge, fine hairline brush and a slimmer profile for more comfortable and premium experience while holding it on your palm without feeling chunky. This time the rear camera comes with duo camera which helps in capturing the depth of picture and the front stereo speaker also get improvement with a new set of speaker that produce louder and better sound quality over its predecessor that is already top in sound quality.

In terms of performance, the HTC One M8 is packed with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor that is clocked at 2.5GHz which is one of the fastest processors in current market. Paired with the 2GB RAM, this device is capable to run several apps at once that makes multitasking a breeze. Malaysia's version will come with 16GB internal storage and a battery capacity of 2600mAh which was said to last up to a day with heavy usage and up to 2 weeks with extreme power Saving mode on. This extreme power saving mode helps to extend the battery life by limiting usage of the phone that is power consuming.

Imaging wise, the HTC One paired with a rather unique combination with Duo Camera at the back and surprisingly its front facing camera comes with higher resolution at 5MP as compared to its rear camera that only come with a 4MP resolution. As we know, imaging quality is not highly depending on the pixels counts only but it can get affected by a lot of factors like its sensor size, pixel size and more. The rear camera of HTC One M8 was found to come with a rather similar 4MP Ultrapixel camera which helps to improve its low-light performance along with the large sensor size and a dual colour flash for a more natural colour while taking photos with flash, HTC claims that this is a brand new sensor they got from different suppliers and its a better sensor that ensures better imaging quality over its predecessor. HTC aware that selfie is becoming a trend recently and people always get fed up with the poor quality and low resolution shot of the front facing camera, thus a 5MP front facing camera has been installed just right above the screen. Other than that, the front facing camera comes with a wide angle lens that does not need you to have long arms that can squeeze everyone into the selfie shot.

Right at the top of the main camera, there is another depth camera spotted which makes the M8 unique. The depth camera's job is to estimate the depth of the picture for UFocus which is a hardware version of refocus apps like the one in Nokia. The depth camera helps a lot in editing photos after the shot, the depth sensor allows user to edit the image by blurring the subject and focus on the background and vice versa without utilizing Photoshop tools and can be done in seconds, other than that you can also crop an object from other photo taken by the duo camera and put them in to the current image that you're editing, that's not all! You can even arrange the object you have inserted to stay behind or in front of certain objects in the current image and still without utilizing image editing apps like Adobe Photoshop.

HTC also introduces a new Dot View cover for its M8 as above that you can activate it simply by double tapping at the screen with cover on. This time HTC One M8 also comes with a lot of new motion action that can execute actions to the phone easily such as double tap the screen to wake up the display to check the time and also answering calls with the cover on. But sadly the cover that is included in the box is just a PVC back case instead and if you need this flip cover you may buy it separately.

Interested with HTC One M8? It is now available for pre-order from Superbuy and shipment is estimated to be made from 30th April 2014 onwards.

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