Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Legendary Windows XP will be put in a full stop for its support.

Microsoft has just announced they are going to end the support for Windows XP in other words no further update like bugs fix, improvement and automatic updates that help protect your PC. However, existing user does not need to worry much about this as this does not means your current PC that runs with Windows XP operating system will stop working immediately, but the trade off is that you will not receive further windows support, protection or updates towards your PC. 

Windows XP has been with us about 12 years, but until now there are still many organizations including government is still have their PC on XP to perform their daily tasks, this indicates the success of Windows XP that brings such popularity even it is a 12 year old operating system. The researcher also finds that the popularity of Windows XP in China is beating out the Windows 7.

There is a famous quote from Chinese "If old things don't go, new things will never come." Let's hope Microsoft will announce their next product soon.

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