Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review : Jabra Step Wireless Stereo Earbuds

We just got our hand the Jabra Step Wireless headset recently and ready to give a short review on this sweet stereo wireless headset. With this pair of headset you get to enjoy stereo music and answering calls wirelessly without the need of taking your phone out of your pocket anymore. This Bluetooth headset is quite unique despite it is a Stereo headset with gel hook, customizable earbuds to suit with your ears, Microphone, music & call control and it is even dust and water resistant. 

The Jabra Step Wireless is housed with a glossy plastic and light in weight at just about 16 grams only. The indicator light and its microUSB port are placed at the Right ear piece while the left ones stays empty. There is also a 3 button control that does all the usual command like turning on/off, answer/reject calls, play/stop music, next/previous song and volume control. Regarding the battery performance of the headset, on paper the standby time of the headset last around 6 days and continuous music playing / talk time will last around 4 hours, when the battery is low, a beep notification will be played before the headset dies off.

On start-up, the headset does not require any installation and it is ready to go, just turn on Bluetooth of your mobile phone and switch on the Bluetooth headset then you're ready to pair up the headset and enjoy the music without hassle of tangled wires or stop you from listening to music/answering calls when you are a few feet(About 10 feets in our test) away from your Smartphone.

There is a removable gel hook on this headset which is quite soft and can be removed for those people who dislike having something hooked on their ears, but thanks to the soft & flexible gel hook paired with the lightweight of the headset makes hooking this headset on our ear lesser burden and painless even after an hour of wielding it and with some average gesture like a quick twist of your head does not loosen up the headset which is a good thing as it can grab on your ear without being feeling uncomfortable. But however, wielding the headset for the first time would require some practices as it gave you a weird feeling when you're stuffing the earbuds in to your ear and at the same time have to keep the gel hook stay behind your ears, but it wasn't a big deal here as some little practice would make things perfect.

Sound quality wise we did not perform any burn-in for the headset yet, so it might perform otherwise if it goes under a proper burn in process. However the sound quality was pretty satisfying to our ears, even though we are not a professional audiophile out there but at least we can tell the sound quality did impress us despite it does not seal tight in our ears like some other conventional earbuds do. The bass level is considered light and gentle due to the fact it was not sealed tight in our ear, however the bass was quite clean and comfortable without distortion, The treble level is on average without being too overwhelming that will hurt your ears after an hour of listening while the mid-range is considered on the high side for this headset which stands out when listening to vocals. The ability of noise isolation is slightly below average here as the headset does not stay really tight in your ear and anyway it does not seem like it was built for that purpose as well.

In conclusion, the headset is pretty comfortable to be attached on our ears and the gel hook keeps your worries away as it won't break unlike any conventional plastic hook that will break easilly especially when it is kept in your bags, sound quality was pretty decent and convenience is all you get with this headset as it gave you the ability to listen to music for hours and answering calls remotely. Lastly, the Bluetooth headset also came with dust and water resistant which is ready to be active such as having one in your ears while jogging, sounds good isn't it?

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