Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review : Trek Ai-Ball Wi-Fi Remote Camera

We just got our hand a sample unit of this Tiny Trek Ai-Ball wireless and its Cradle + Adaptors accessory kit on our hand recently, the camera itself was pretty small and light in weight at just 100 grams with CR2 battery. The package of I-Ball camera itself, you will find the remote camera with a CR2 battery attached to it, a key-chain to be attached to the camera and a simple step-by-step user manual.

The first impression of the camera is so light that you might even misunderstood this is a dummy unit but the built quality here isn't really convincing especially with the glossy plastic casing the camera looks a bit cheap, but at least they came with a CR2 battery from a reputable brand: Energizer. On paper this type of battery will lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes which is quite costly despite the price of CR2 batteries is quite high and not easy to find in convenience store. Thus, pairing this up with its Cradle and adaptor accessory kit will be more reasonable and makes the camera in a more complete package because with the camera kit, you will get to run the camera by using the adaptor without the needs of the battery. The Cradle + Accessories kit is packed with a cradle, 1 meter USB extension cable, 1AC-USB power adaptor and a car-USB power adaptor.

Starting up this camera is pretty easy by just slotting in the battery or connecting it to the adaptor from the cradle + adaptor kit and switch them on, within 15 seconds you will find a new unsecured network available to be connected in your wireless network connection, no fancy installation is needed. Another good thing is that this camera can be connected by multiple devices at the same time without disruption of the connection or obvious drop in video frame rate, this makes connecting to the device is easy and convenient as long you're within the range. But sadly the wireless coverage is just somewhat around 15 meters of range only.

On paper this camera is capable of shooting 2MP photos and VGA video of 640x480 @ 30fps, The result of the video quality is a little bit noisy and the color captured is slightly less accurate. But anyway its just a Tiny little camera which wasn't made for capturing HD quality videos, so there is nothing much we can expect from something that small at this price.

One of the highlights of the remote camera is the ability to stream or record videos from a remote location even if you are on a long distance travel by setting up Infrastructure WAN mode, this function is quite useful despite you can still monitor with the camera even you are far away from your home, but we would highly recommend you to purchase the camera kit for the camera as the adaptor does not come with the Ai-ball camera itself while using CR2 battery will only last you 1 hour 30 minutes which is pointless if you're on a long distance travel.

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