Monday, February 22, 2016

10 Battery Life Tips for iPhone

1. Prevent Background App Refresh

This feature automatically refresh the apps so the next time you open the app, the latest information is waiting for you. Allowing apps to refresh themselves will drain on your battery. To turn it off go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

2. Turn Off Location Services

iPhone built-in GPS allow the phone to determine your approximate location. It gives you information to find restaurants and driving directions but the fact is it eats your battery. If you're not using Location services, turn it off by Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

3. Turn Off Vibrations

Vibrations will trigger a motor that shakes your device, that movement really hurts your power. Go to Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring to "Off".

4. Don't Automatically Upload Photos to iCloud

Your Photos app can automatically upload photos to your iCloud account and this drain your battery faster. Try upload from your computer or when you have full battery instead. Go to Settings > Photos > Camera > turn My Photo Stream to 'Off'.

5. Don't Automatically Update Apps

Update apps on your phone selectively to manage your power better. To turn it off go to Settings > iTunes > App Store > Automatic Downloads > Updates.

6.  Turn On Auto-Brightness

The iPhone auto-brightness feature aims to conserve battery power and make the screen easier to see when you are using it. This ambient light sensor will adjust the screen brightness according to the light around it (darker in dark places, lighter when there's more ambient light). Go to Settings > Displays > Brightness (Brightness >Wallpaper in iOS 7) > Auto-Brightness to turn 'On'.

7. Stop Motion and Animations

Background Motion is a feature that make apps icon and background becomes dynamic and parallax. It's really cool but it also drains battery. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion to 'On'.

8. Auto-Lock Sooner

The auto-lock feature controls how long you want the screen to stay on when the device isn't being used. The sooner it sleeps, the lesser energy your phone consumes. Try setting Auto-Lock to 1 or 2 minutes. Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock.

9. Quitting Apps Doesn't Save Battery

This is one common mistake where people think quitting all running apps can save your battery, in fact it drain your battery faster as it forces the app to relaunch the next time you use them. Therefore, let the apps run in the background when you're done with them.

10. Turn Off AirDrop

AirDrop is the wireless file-sharing feature and it requires user to turn WiFi and Bluetooth on for constant searching for other AirDrop-enabled devices. In order to save your battery, keep AirDrop off unless you are using it. Swipe up the bottom of the screen > Control Centre to turn off.

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