Monday, February 1, 2016

10 Best Chinese New Year Gift Ideas 2016

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese friends! Wishing you luck, happiness and prosperity in the year of Monkey. February is probably the most joyous month of all cause we are celebrating 2 very special occasions with the people we love the most! Choosing gifts for our love ones could be a tedious process as we want to cater different individual needs and as a token of gratitude. Today in Superbuy, we will help you to get the best gift for them this Chinese New Year! 

For the Elderly

Health is always a concern for everyone especially for the elderly. Hence, the best gift to give them is Brands Double Happiness Gift PackBRAND’S® Essence Chicken is well known for boosting energy instantly, enhances mental power, and regulate blood glucose level. Hence, by giving them Brand's Chicken Essence shows that you care for their health and appreciate them. 

For Mothers

Moms are the best women in the world. They sacrificed so much for us and yet never hope for anything in return! In this special day, surprise your wonderful mum with Kinohimitsu Jpan Collagen Diamond Drink. The drink is specifically designed to restore youthful, resilience and radiant skin. I bet everyone hope their mom to be beautiful all the time, then why not giving them a beauty drink?  

For the In Laws

She/ he has been there for you or your partner, being a "parent" and take cares of you. Now is the moment to give them a little something to show gratitude. Brands Birds Nest with Rock Sugar is the ideal gift because apart that it have lots of healthy benefits, it is also packaged beautifully in a luxury gift pack! Moreover, who doesn't love Bird's Nest???

For Newborn babies
A new member is joining your big family? A friend just gave birth to a baby? We've just got the perfect gift for "Monkey" year babies! What's better that to give them a "Monkey" design zodiac auspicious charm? These Lucky Year of the Monkey Gold Plated Coin Collection is believed to bring good health and wealth to the person. 

For Colleagues

Malaysia is a multi-races country. Let's say assuming that you have many other colleagues who are not chinese and not celebrating Chinese New Year like you. They have no option to take leave just because you have requested for a long holiday for your CNY celebration. So, instead of saying "Thank You", which sounds so formal, then look no further than giving them some Mandarin Oranges. By the way, one box of mandarin oranges is quite cheap, and you can give a whole group of your colleagues! 

For Clients

They may be the worse people to deal with, but yeah, they are still your client. Without them, your company can't survive and grow like now. And what's more? We should be thankful for their continuous support. By the way, a thoughtful gift for your clients will show how much you appreciate them. Hence, a hamper, which looks luxury and classy, is an ideal gift that shows you appreciate the opportunity to work with and collaborate with them. 

For Relatives


Whether you meet them once in a year or quite often, you can't possibly go to someone house with empty handed, aren't you? It's kind of "rude" from the Chinese perspective. Anyhow, giving hampers seems costly, giving mandarin orange only seem very "cincai" (Malaysian term of casual), then the best gift should be a box of homemade cookies! Cookies are the perfect gift for your relatives on Chinese New Year. If no time for homemade, don't worry.. there are abundance of stores selling it everywhere in Malaysia!

For Friends / Buddies
Most Chinese people love tea. A nicely wrapped pack of tea is always a nice gesture for friends. Red Leaf Premium Moringa Tea Bag contain more than 90 vitamins and minerals in each supplemental serving. Moreover, it's not too expensive till you can't afford but not too cheap to make you sound stingy. 

For Kids
The most iconic gift - Angpow! WHO DOESN'T LOVE ANGPOW? Asking this question is like asking "Who doesn't love money?". Angpow symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits. It's not only about tradition, it's about hoping another to live better. No doubt, the children will appreciate if you prepare some red packets.

For myself
Last but not least, the tradition taught us so much about giving others, but don't forget about loving ourselves too! Besides buying new clothes, we could go further more than that! After a year of non-stop tiring working days, it's pampering time! Book yourself a facial session, hair do (never missed this), and don't forget about pedicure manicure! If necessary, get yourself some jewelry and make yourself "shine" this CNY! 

Hence, these are the 10 Best Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for 2016. Hope it would helps and have a wonderful gift giving session! May prosperity and happiness always be with you.

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