Thursday, October 8, 2009

For All Beauty...

Beauty improves confidence, confidence increases success, success makes you happy, happiness makes you more beautiful!

"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge you'll never walk alone ."

Every woman is already beautiful, and every woman can be even more beautiful! It's simply a question of appreciating yourself, highlighting your natural beauty to project your own self-image, letting it shine through, and then finding out what happens next! Remember, every woman defines her own beauty.

Now, Superbuy comes with skin care and cosmetics products to enhance y
our beauty! You can improve your life dramatically right now for very little cost simply by learning how to make your skin soft and beautiful and to use cosmetics effectively. You will see the difference it makes immediately! And then just watch how doors begin to open for you.

Hair Care..

Olive & Squid Inky Multi Shampoo

Olive & Squid Inky Multi-Shampoo is a super moisturizing treatment for dry, permed or color treated hair. As moisture penetrates and plumps the hair strand. Squid Inky, natural extra virgin olive oil, pro-vitamin B5, and natural plant extracts strengthen and smooth the follicle, giving hair a silky texture and a shiny appearance. This product is suitable for damaged, bleached, and color treated hair treatment.

Olive & Squid Inky Multi Treatment

Imselene olive & Squid Inky Multi-treatment is formulated with natural extravirgin oilve oil, squid Ink, pro-vitamin B5, natural plant extracts, designed to repair, and deep moisturizers that protect hair from dryness and restore strength to the hair shart. Nourish the hair cuticle for silky, shiny, and manageable hair. Hair is nourished and smoothed from root to tip.

Facial Care...

JuJu Aqua Moist Face Mask 20ml x 5 pcs

JuJu Cosmetics Aqua Moist HA Face Mask is a moisturizing mask containing 20ml essence with hyaluronic acid and five beauty emollient essences. Rapidly use JuJu Cosmetics Aqua Moist HA Face Mask boosts skin’s moisture level and restores the irritated or slack skin. The moisturizing facial sheet contains Hyaluronic Acid and five other moisturizing essences, preventing your face from dried up, protecting from skin troubles, and firming up skin tone.

JuJu Aqua Moist Pure H100 30ml

This “Pure H100” essence preserves the moisturizing effect with hyaluronic acid that also builds up the moisture barrier to dam hydration within your skin. Better use before sleep. Next day morning, you’ll discover the difference of your elasticity and resilience that should be best preparation for your makeup. Non fragrance, no color, no mineral oil, alcohol free, and oil free.

Body Care...

Bison India Esthe Hot Massage Gel

It is specially design for those people who want to sculpt their figure. Sesame seed Oil is used to soften, nourish and keep healthy skin. Ginger and Capsicum Extract have better effect in keeping the body warm. The combination of these 2 ingredients will help to tones down the appearance of "orange peel" skin and left the skin firm & smooth. Also contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients which able to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

Bison Wakilala Bright Up Essence

This essence contains AHA & BHA which Controls regular turn over of skin and conditions and softens skin cells. It is a daily fast whitening and toning product for underarm. You will experience cooling sensation after use it. It also reduce sweat & prevent smell from underarm. This bright-up essence is specially formulated for dark pores, dullness, and greasy sweat. Removes dead skin cells include melanin which result in dark pores and dullness of skin. Leaves your skin smooth.


Natina BB crea
m pearl

This product is a w/s type functional B.B cream with the triple actions including whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV screening(SPF36, PA++), which keeps your skin moist without dry feeling for a long time through combination with jojoba oil. In addition, pomegranate and centella asiatica extract, marine collagen, and astaxanthin, a natural anti-oxidizing substance, are contained and keep your skin to be clean.

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes

Kate focus on eyes in this season by introduced 'Kate Diamond Cut Eyes'. This product record the selling around 500,000 in just only 1 month! This can be show that the 'Kate Diamond Cut Eyes' products are the best selling between Kate's shadows series. 'Kate Diamond Cut Eyes' comes with soft white and gray color as base. Every 'Kate Diamond Cut Eyes' set comes with gold or silver diamond shadow. There are 5 differences color set of 'Kate Diamond Cut Eyes'. Kate Diamond Cut Eyes available in 5 colors, which are PK-1, BR-1, BR-2, GN-1, and BK-1.

Kate Super Sharp Liner

This eyeliner helps you draw sharp, thin lines on the eye rims. It has high retaining qualities, making it smudge resistant. It's super easy to use and to draw even for the first timer because of the super-sharped brush. You can actually define the line to be thinner or thicker. It doesn't smudge (even in humid weather) and it's waterproof. Kate Super Sharp Liner a available in 2 colors, which are BK-1 and BR-1.

Kate Powder Gel Liner

The Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner is a smooth and easy-to-use eyeliner which is perfect for daily creation of the charming eyes. Its makes the eyes look sharp and natural and super smooth, and it won't smash, fall off or retain winks during the day. The brush coming with the eyeliner is ideal for drawing different sizes of eyeliners suiting different occasions. This Gel Eye Liners comes in a cute little glass pot and has a range of chic colors. It has a smooth texture, easy to apply, dries almost instantly and it is smudge-proof! The good quality square-tip eyeliner brush had got short and flat bristles, hence, making it very easy to apply. It comes now with a protective cap and has a slightly wider head with softer bristles. The Gel Eye Liners available in 5 colors, which are BK-1, GD-1, SV-1, BK-1, BR-1

Kate Eyebrow Color

An easy-to-use mascara that lightens your eyebrow color! It gives you a brighter and sharper look. Kanebo Kate Eyebrow Color allows you to match your hair color or completely change your eyebrow tone. It is an easy to use eyebrow color with convenient mascara-type brush, allowing to create your empress-ed eyebrow with easy control. Available in 2 colors, which are Golden Brown and Light Brown.

Juju Aqua Moist Make Remover Water 200ml

JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Moisture HA Cleansing Water is a water-like cleansing solution to remove makeup easily by wiping with cotton puff. Fast and conveniently remove make up, dirt and grease. JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Moisture HA Cleansing Water is also suitable for cleansing face without makeup. Keep face hydrated after application and make your face clean and fresh.

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