Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Modern Living Room Is Not A Dream...

Living room is one of the most important rooms in the entire house, and most of the people spend a lot of time in their living room. A living room is not just a relaxing space that welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point and acts as a showcase for the entire house. In simple terms, the living room is the focal point of a home, and a place that will bring comfort and joy to all of its inhabitants.

We all know that when we have a guest, living room is usually the first room that our guests see, so that we should take care of how this place look by creating something that will reflect our own style. There are many decorating styles that we can choose from, and the most popular are traditional, country, contemporary, and transitional.

Now, Superbuy comes with modern furnitures that allow you to be your own designer to decorate your living room! Need some inspiration? Come and explore combinations, materials and even ideas for your dream living room. Become your own interior designer now.

Below are five model that available in Superbuy that might inspire you...

Belvoir TL1272 Leather Recliner

Belvoir TL512 Leather Armchair


This model is available in 1 seat, 2 seat and 1+2 seat.

Belvoir TL786 Leather Armchair

This model is available in single seat, 2 seat, 3 seat, 1+2 seat, 2+3 seat, 1+3 seat and 1+2+3 seat.

Belvoir TL8190 Leath
er Recliner

Belvoir TL508 Leather Recliner

Above show some model of furniture that available in Superbuy. These models are:

● Export quality recliner (exporting to Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherland/Holland and etc)
● Full or top bovine leather upholstered.
● Supported by double springs system:
1. Anti sagging zig zag spring supporting the seating part (competitor use rubber band),
2. Coil spring insert within the foam of seat (competitor has no coil spring inserts)
● Full solid Meranti wood frame.
● Latex and polyester foam inserts to create a soft and hugging seating feel.
● Can be option in electric motion (remote or side button operated).
● Weight: Approximately 40KG

All these models are warrantly for 5 years:

● The warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period 5 years from the date of purchase, exclusive to original purchaser.
● This warranty does not apply to accidental or intentional damage, misuse, extreme conditions, water damage or commercial use and will only apply whilst the furniture is cleaned and cared for in accordance with instructions provided.
● Color variations and natural characteristics in leather are considered as features and not faults and are not covered by this warranty.
● This warranty does not cover the cost of any form of transport or any damage to any third party property.

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