Thursday, September 24, 2009

HITACHI Inspire the Next ~ Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Hitachi DC PAM Inverter Air Conditioner
Keeps Your Home Feeling Fresh and Comfortable.

More powerful and much more energy-efficient, Hitachi’s new Inverter room air conditioners dramatically cut electricity consumption. Better still, as well as being economical, they are powerful and environmentally friendly. Offering a host of benefits, they promise the ultimate in home comfort.

Hitachi’s air conditioners are amazing feats of technology that will envelop you and your family with cool comfort faster and with less energy. The DC PAM Inverter will cool your room up to 24% faster and evenly maintain the temperature. It will also save your energy consumption by up to 54%! A comfortable room temperature is maintained by more precise temperature control.

Besides that, Hitachi’s cutting-edge two stage Nano Titanium Stainless Pre-filter and Air Purifying Filter will not only clean the air of dust particles but also resolve both bacteria and odors. The durable Pre-filter can be cleaned with a swipe of cloth, while the Air Purifying Filter is maintenance free. UV-Fresh, a UV-Led will also irradiate the filter, further resolving any bacteria.

Hitachi Inverter room air conditioners feature a Twin Rotary compressor that operates with less vibration and delivers even higher performance efficiency than conventional rotary compressors. Two rotating cylinders assure better-balanced rotation than conventional single rotary compressors for greatly reduced vibration noise. The compressor’s operation is magnificently improved by the independent operation of the cylinders leading to greater efficiency and lower vibration.
Hitachi offers the most powerful air conditioners available today. This gives it the ability to cool larger rooms that is unmatched by any other product of the same class.

Introducing the Smart New Way to Make Life Easier:
Hitachi Intelligent Spin Washing Machine
Various Spin Speeds Give You Advanced Fabric Care. Now Smart is Easy.

The new Hitachi Washing Machine with Intelligent Spin is the smart and easy way to provide the cleanest clothes for you and your family.

With the Variable Spin Control, you can select the spin speed depending on the type if your fabric. And with Delicate Fabric Care you can confidently spin-dry all your delicate clothes too. Hitachi Washing Machine with 10 washing programs, so that you can select the most suitable course for everything from heavily soiled work clothes and jeans to delicate lingerie and even items that require hand washing such as silk shirts and woolens. To make things easies, the control panel features an easy-to- read design with user-friendly pictograms.

Hitachi’s unique Best Wave Wash with Active Beat Lifter will create concentrated detergent liquid that penetrates deep into your clothes. It then undulates them for a thorough wash. Finally, the Best Shower will completely rinse your clothes. They will look so vibrant, people will think they’re brand new!

The Air Jet Dry on all Hitachi Washing Machines will dry your clothes faster than ever. So spend less time doing the laundry and more time enjoying your life. Air drawn into the tub will also go through a Nano Titanium Filter. This removes ant odors to give you the freshest-smelling wash possible.

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