Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Superbuy 09/09/2009 Grand Opening Promotions!!

More Exciting Prices and Promotions
Waiting Ahead of You!!

Great news! In order to celebrate our New Superbuy Grand Opening, we will offer you with some fantastic and great promotions! Grab the opportunity to enjoy our special promotions during our Superbuy grand opening! Below are promotions that we will offer to you on our new Superbuy grand opening day. Be sure to check out these great promotions at Superbuy on 09/09/2009. Believe what you see and don't miss out this wonderful event.

Super Low Price!!

Best Selling ~ Portable Laptop Table with Cooling Fan (Gray)

A portable laptop table is a must-buy for professionals and students, and just as anyone ''on the move'' requiring a roving, compact, lightweight, tough and changeable work surface. With laptop tables you make it less tired. Feel the ease in your neck and back when using a laptop up on a desk, not on the top of your knees. The searching for a convenient workspace is no longer needed; you have it just as when you need it. You can stay productive up at any time.

In order to celebrate our new Superbuy grand opening, we offer you the 'portable laptop table with cooling fan' with SUPER LOW PRICE! The normal price for this portable laptop table is RM83, but now, you can get it at only RM49.90. Hurry up to get it in our Superbuy, since this item is limited to 10 units only.

PROMOTION 2 ~ Register Now & Get FREE!!

Thermos on the Move Tumbler ~ Keep Foods & Beverages Hotter, Cooler & Fresher
Need somewhere to store your specialty coffee or tea products? Thermos provides a secure place for your beverage. Thermos innovation has lead to the hottest, coolest and freshest products since 1904. Constant technological advancement and new product development has made Thermos the industry leader for nearly a century.

If you are not a registered member, quickly REGISTER NOW to be a buyer to get a FREE 'Thermos on the Move Tumbler' worth RM28! Only free for those members who register today. Get it now while the stock last! Let you and your family enjoys food and drink at their finest, anytime with Thermos on the Move Tumbler. More benefits & privilege ahead for members who register today!

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  1. Hello, I registered today, but do not have any information about the freegift, may i know how can i get it?

  2. hello,
    the list is updated. Plz check out ya.