Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seiko ~ Dedicated to Perfection

Time is so precious! This is a very old saying but a true one. Almost all people wear a watch, to avoid wasting time. Previously, people wore watches only to see the time. But now a day, it has become one of the fashionable accessories, especially for ladies. Women have started buying watches that suit their outfits. Surely most women will have an exclusive collection of watches. For me too, watch is an intimate accessory.

Seiko 2009 New Arrival series watches have a stainless steel case and bracelet. It has an elegant look with a black dial. The price is also reasonable. Seiko watches not only suit the normal peoples but also the celebrities. Miriam Yeung, the celebrity Hong Kong singer and Daniel Wu, the famous Chinese actor are also attracted by the cool Seiko watches. Seiko watches are very stylish.

The brand new Criteria 7th generation ladies' watches are themed with fresh and bright design elements. The new generation of Criteria ladies' watches comes in two series - Chronograph and Retrograde - featuring 100-meter and 50-meter water resistance respectively. Both adopt hardlex glass for complete protection. Highly functional, these series in summer and fall colors are the perfect choice to reveal time as well as your charm for all occasions.

Seiko Criteria Mid Size’s Chronograph Watches Series

The Criteria Chronograph watches are equipped with comprehensive capabilities. Accompanying the numerals and dial harmoniously integrated in natural hues is the traditional date window located at the 3 o'clock position. Two round timer sub-dials set at the 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock positions time by hour, minute, and second, while the third sub-dial situated at the 9 o'clock position indicates the second. Its exceptional timing function allows for measurements that are as precise as 1/20 second and continuous operation for as long as 12 hours, making it the one and only choice for ladies who are after functionality.

(SNDZ15P1, SNDZ12P1, SNDZ13P1 and SNDZ09P1)

Seiko Ladies Criteria Retrograde Watches Series
The Criteria Retrograde series is just as impressive. It features a crescent sub-dial that spans across the 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock positions to display the day of the week, with vibrant characters that breathe life into the lady wearers everyday. The two other round sub-dials include a 24-hour display at the 6 o'clock position and a date indicator at the 3 o'clock position. The series comes in many color combinations. Among them the most eye-catching one features a white dial elegantly matched with calibration and the second hand in champagne gold. Pinkish embellishments are added in the sub-dial to give a sense of vividness. Another combination carries silvery calibration and white sub-dial hands set against a black backdrop, uncomplicatedly creating a sparkling sensation that resembles stars in a clear night sky.
(SPA816P1, SPA821P1, SPA817P1 and SPA819P1)

The new 11th generation of Criteria men's watches collection takes men's desire for the ideal watch to the optimal while highlights their discerning taste. Male trendsetters are presented the ultimate watch that combines a chic outlook with functional features.

Delicate Japanese craftsmanship is manifested to perfection in the new Criteria Chronograph series. With shiny stainless steel as its main constituent, the watch boasts a dial of fine lines in the classic colors of black or white. The unique design of the dial not only features slightly bulging silver calibration that tells the time with sparkles, but also different blends of circles that underscore the layering effect and play up the watch's vivacity on the whole.


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