Thursday, November 28, 2013

Avoid fake/imitation Lenspen that damage your camera lens

There are a lot of imitations or false copy of Lenspen in the market that claims it can do whatever the original product does. However, in reality these imitated products may not perform as good as the originals, please be informed that this is the case ONLY if the imitated product does part of the job, but what if you find out these imitated products is actually damaging your lens instead?

Imitated product is cheaper compared to an original product, but this will put your lens in to a risk due to we are uncertain what is the material being used for producing the false copy of Lenspen. If these false copy products end up damaging your lens, I don't think it is worth it to save a few pennies for the Lenspen while damaging your much more expensive lens.

Enough explanation. Now we have to start guiding everyone how does the true Lenspen looks like.

1. Lenspen brand name is always printed on the pen and the back card.

2. There is a distributor sticker “SCHMIDT MARKETING” on the back card. (For Malaysia version)

3. Now Malaysia version has its latest packaging design as follows.

4. There are few elements is printed on the Lenspen such as
LensPEN” logo is printed on the Pen body and at top of the cap.
- The link “”
 is printed on the Pen as well.
- There is a term of “Malaysia” is also printed on the Pen.

After reading this, I believe most of you will think why not we just use other Lens cleaning product instead of Lenspen?

This will be explained with the photo shown below why Lenspen is better for cleaning lens as compared to optical clothes and optical tissue.

Based on the comparison shown above, we can conclude that even with both of the high quality optical tissue and clothes, it is not so effective in cleaning the lens in shortest time as compared to Lenspen.

In conclusion, there are many false copy of Lenspen in the market that we should avoid as it could damage our camera lens. However, Lenspen is a very convenient lens cleaning product that can help you to clean your camera lens in shortest time without damaging your Camera Lens. Other than that, this Lenspen can also be served as a LCD screen cleaner as well. 

For those who is interested, now you can own a Original Lenspen at as low as RM14.99 from the link below.

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