Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cyber Monday Sales for Online Retailer (2nd Dec 2013)

Have you heard of Cyber Monday?

You must have experienced the great deals on Black Friday few days ago but have you heard of Cyber Monday?

This is the Monday after Thanksgiving in the united states, in other words it also referred as the Monday immediately following Black Friday.

Black Friday is being regarded as the kick start sales for Christmas while Cyber Monday is actually more to kick start sales for the Christmas season in e-commerce segment since many people tend to shop online in today's life.

The existence of Cyber Monday is suspected to come from a few reasons, one of the reasons is that some people felt regret for missing the great deal on Black Friday and decided to wait and Shop Online at working Monday because internet connection speed is also faster and much more stable in their work place. Other than that, there is also other finding suggests that certain people see and feel the items in shopping malls over the weekend and then wait for special discounts from Online Retailer on Monday for that particular item.

Superbuy is having Cyber Monday for those who missed Black Friday Deal!

Superbuy is also concerned about people who missed their opportunity to grab those great deals during Black Friday by having a Cyber Monday deals at 2nd Dec 2013 for everyone with discounts start from 12%-70% on 120 Items and customer also get to earn 2 times Superpoint (cash voucher) for every purchase made at Cyber Monday.

Grab this opportunity to compensate yourself @

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