Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top 5 Most Affordable and Value for Money Tablets

About 2 years ago there is no such thing as cheap/budget tablets that can assist you in daily task. But now many manufacturer started to compete with each other and make their own budget tablets with good feature on it. This help to make tablets become more affordable to low income group.

When choosing a tablet, usually there is a few thing that we need to consider other than the price which is its features, screen size, operating system and its specification such as camera capability, processor, RAM, internal storage and so on.

This time Superbuy has came out with top 5 Android tablet recommendations for people who are looking for a tablet which can perform its daily task with budget start from as low as RM209

The cheapest Android tablets of all which can handle simple daily task. At this price, there isn't much more we can ask for.

Dual Core processor Android tablet with 16GB internal Storage.

One of the best bang for bucks tablet with Quad core processor. This tablet ensure satisfying performance with its Quad Core Processor and makes multitasking a breeze.

Able to make phone call and act as Android tablet, surf internet everywhere with 3G data.

Dual Core processor with 3G support, able to make call and sms like a mobile phone and at the same time surf internet everywhere you want with its 3G support.

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