Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Raining Season, get your indoor air moisture away

Recently everybody knows that it has been raining for almost everyday, such a cold weather for everyone and we can even sleep without turning on our air-conditioners which helps to save a few pennies from the electricity bill. 

But are you aware of your indoor air quality is getting moisture? High humidity levels in your house can be unhealthy for you and your environment, with high humidity your furniture, wall and ceiling might get molded up easily and cause bad odor in your house that is hard to get rid of. Those molds are not just an eyesore object but they also release their spores in the air that you breath everyday which can cause allergies, asthma attacks, irritates your eyes, nose or throat and others that might be harmful to your health. Other than that high humidity level also indicate a better place for potential bacteria to live and speed up their Multiplication process.

To get rid of these problems, thanks to the technologies nowadays that allow us to get rid of these moisture air by installing an air dehumidifier. The function of dehumidifier highly depending on the brands, dehumidifier ability and your room size.

Dehumidifier also helps to eases laundry problem where we find clothes takes longer time than it should to dry due to the rich amount of moisture in the air.

Superbuy is offering 2 top selling dehumidifier brand which is Delonghi and Firenzzi.

Other than Delonghi is having Ionizer function, actually both Delonghi and Firenzzi Dehumidifier offer slightly similar ability which is capable of removing a moisture level of a room size from 150 – 270 sq. feet. But however this is also depending on how moisture the air condition in your room.

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