Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why You Should Own a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is getting popular day-by-day over the traditional cooking method because pressure cooking is a safe, fast and healthy way to prepare a wide variety of foods.

Superbuy is here again today to guide our fellow readers why we need a pressure cooker. There are many reasons to use a pressure cooker as compared to traditional cooking method. Nowadays many people tend to avoid cooking in their house because there are many delicious dishes such as soups and braised food that require long cooking time which turns most people down. But with a pressure cooker, this helps to save tons of time and energy which is up to 50% with much better taste by not sacrificing the nutrition of the food. Other than that, the high pressure in the pressure cooker will cause temperature to rise to a certain level where it kills bacteria and germs as well. 

Today, there are 2 types of pressure cooker available in Superbuy which includes Gas/Induction stove top(Conventional) type Pressure Cooker and Electric Pressure Cooker.

The differences between stove top pressure cooker and electric pressure cooker is not too far away as their main purpose is to put in some pressure while cooking the food to speed up the process. 

Conventional Stove Top Pressure Cooker
Stove top pressure cooker is more like a "Manual Setting" conventional pressure cooker which you have to monitor most of the process such as time, pressure and the heating power from the stove by your own. But hard work will always pays off, Stove Top Pressure Cooker tend to get heated up faster and also able to reach higher pressure limit as compared to Electric Pressure Cooker, this would help speed up the cooking process. But however the downside of Stove Top Pressure Cooker as compared to Electric Pressure Cooker is that it requires other heating sources such as gas or induction (Depending on models) to heat up the pot.

Electric Pressure Cooker
While for Electric Pressure Cooker, there are many automatic cooking functions that can be easily used according to your preferences such as cooking porridge and making stew. Once the food is cooked some of them even have the function to keep the food warm with certain temperature. Electric Pressure Cooker also tends to be more energy efficient as compared to Stove Top Pressure Cooker but however the only downside is that it takes slightly longer time to get something cooked as compared to Stove Top Pressure Cooker (But it is still so much faster than traditional cooking method) because it takes slightly more time to reach certain pressure and the pressure limit is usually lower than Stove Top Pressure Cooker.

Selecting a suitable pressure cooker is mostly depending on your daily needs, if you are familiar with the functions of pressure cooker and also seeking for a fastest way to prepare your food, Stove Top Pressure cooker is definitely your choice of product.

But if you're looking for an easy and fast way to cook your food without the needs of monitoring them, then electric pressure cooker will be your best companion in your kitchen. 

Pressure cooking is not just a matter of speed, it is also a matter of having a safe and healthy lifestyle.

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