Monday, March 31, 2014

Annie96 is typing... A new way of horror story telling

Horror story telling used to be part of our entertainment whenever the situation fits in. No matter you believe the story or not but everyone will pay their full attention and put themselves into the situation more than they had with their favorite lectures in the class. introduces Annie96 is typing, a new way of story telling by simulating a Whatsapp-like chat conversation that put you into the real time story. This fictional conversation is viral in many forums and sites like reddit, it's a story about the girl is having a mobile chat conversation presumably with her boyfriend at night and suddenly found out there is someone standing outside her windows digging the ground. We are not going to spoil the whole story here and you may try this on your own at and it was highly recommended to read with using your Smartphones to experience the full features that are only available on mobile page.

Would you take up the challenge with using a Smartphones? 

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