Thursday, March 6, 2014

Overcome Haze that putting your life at Risk!

Haze strikes Malaysia again with unhealthy air pollution index rose as high as 150 readings. Many must have been worried about the air quality of their surroundings and some of them is even unaware of the risk they are taking with breathing in the haze that is hazardous to their health

At 2nd March 2014, Indonesia is suffering from the thick haze that causes 30,000 people fall to sick. It is unavoidable and ordinary paper mask or surgical mask would not help much with filtering the small particles in the air. Breathing in bad air quality could bring huge effects to people who is suffering from lung disease, elder people that have weaker body and also babies that is still weak and sensitive to haze. Some other people may suffer from sickness like flu, cough, fever, skin itchiness and eye itchiness which is uncomfortable to live with.

Solution? Yes, there is always a solution for this which includes installing an air purifier in your room. This is the time where air purifier comes in handy because a reputable air purifier like Bionaire, Firenzzi and Delonghi is usually installed with high quality air filtration system that helps to filter unwanted small particles in the air and at the same time purify the air you breath. And do not forget, drink plenty of water as they are your best companion to fight haze with you.

Speaking of air purifier there are various types of air purifier available in the market that provide different purification in air quality and usually there are air purifier that comes with the Ionic function which generate negative particles that helps to remove odors and eliminate positive charge or Ozonizer that also known as ozone generators that generate ozone, O3 that also eliminate odors, kill bacteria and also helps to strengthening the day-to-day functioning of the body.

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