Wednesday, August 13, 2014

AirAsia and Malindo Air implementing on-board Wi-Fi

On boarding can be fun and interesting, but what turns you off is you do not get the chance to share the moment with your loved one that is not on the same flight with you. Usually from the moment we buckle up our seat belt during the flight, that is the time where we have to switch off our phone and get totally disconnected from your social world, no more phone calls, sms, whatsapps, twitter and facebook. What you have left is just some offline activity like offline games, listening to music or to take a quick nap. 

However, this may not be the case for AirAsia and Malindo Air as they are getting out of these traditional way by offering on-board Wi-Fi. Even thou on-board Wi-Fi service is not a new thing in this world, but it is still better to be late than never, at least Malaysia is also moving towards this trend.

Malindo Air has just shared this news on their Facebook page regarding the Onboard Wi-Fi with a title of "Stay tuned for more detail" which should be indicate the service to be available soon but still without exact confirmation on date been released yet.

Airasia also tweeted similar post indicating they are testing the Onboard Wi-Fi in their Twitter account and according to news from abnxcess, this service should be available by end of this year. 

Currently the add-on charges of the Onboard Wi-Fi service is still remains unknown.

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