Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Princess Kitchen Appliances - Breakfast

What's a home without a Princess?
What's a breakfast to have without a Princess?
Still thinking of tomorrow breakfast? Lets Princess prepare for you...

Princess Kitchen Appliances of the day:
- Classic Egg Cooker & Mini Steamer
- Classic Roller Sandwich Toaster
- Princess Nice Price Coffee Maker
- Classic Mini Fryer & Fondue
- Classic Sandwich Grill
- Classic Mini Table Chef

Malaysian Preferable: Kopitiam Style Breakfast
Toast(Roti Bakar) + Half Boiled egg + coffee (Kopi-O/Kopi-gao/Kopi Susu...)

Preparation for Toast (serve with any jam you prefer)
Princess Classic Roller Sandwich Toaster 142386
- Classic Roller Toaster
- Brilliant! A toaster and sandwich-maker in one, with a roller lid to keep out dust.
- Handsome model in chrome-plated steel.
- For toasting two sandwiches or two pieces of bread simultaneously.
- With an extra wide opening (32 mm) to accommodate French bread.
- Complete with toasted sandwich clamps and a rack for French bread and bread rolls.
- With temperature sensor, browning adjustment, stop button, crumb tray,
an extra high pop-up mechanism and automatic self-centering system

Preparation for Half-Boiled Eggs (best served with soy sauce & bit of pepper)
Princess Classic Egg Cooker & Mini Steamer 261908
Unique stainless steel food steamer and egg boiler in one appliance.
- Ideal for boiling 1 to 6 eggs.
- Fully automatic, adjustable for number eggs and desired hardness.
- Come with special rack for changing appliance into food steamer.
- Ideal for steaming vegetables, dim sum and bapao rolls.
- Healthy cooking with no loss of vitamins! With indication light, warning signal for when the food is ready and measuring cup.

Preparation for Coffee
Princess Nice Price Coffee Maker 242007
- Capacity: 1.5L
- Complete coffee maker for 10 cups
- With anti-drips
- water level increments and on/off switch with indicator light
- Can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning
- Comes complete with a handy measuring scoop

Western Preferable: English Breakfast
Bacon, eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or toast, and sausages, usually served with a mug of tea.

Preparation for Bacon, Eggs, Grilled tomatoes & Sausages
Princess Classic Mini Table Chef 102221
- Highly versatile compact griddle (21 x 21 cm) suitable for: meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, pancakes etc. 700-900W
- Complete with non-stick coating and easy to clean with kitchen paper or in the dishwasher
- Perfect heat distribution to ensure food cooks evenly all the way through
- Can be used as a barbecue, indoor barbecue or Japanese griddle (TeppanYaki) Great for in the kitchen, on the table, or even in the garden or on the balcony or camping
- Creates healthy low-fat food because no butter or oil is required
- Fitted with an adjustable thermostat (up to 215°C) with indicator light and handles that stay cool
- Tip: Can also be used for defrosting.

Preparation for Fried Mushroom
Classic Mini Fryer & Fondue 182611
Compact deep fryer and fondue pand in stainless steel, ideal for a traditional meat fondue iil or for a Swiss cheese fondue, choclate or Chinese fondue(hotpot).
- 1.2 litre capacity
- adjustable thermostat
- indicator light and fondue ring
- practical removable lid with permanent filter and viewing window.
- including frying basket and 6 fondue forks.

Preparation for Toast
Princess Classic Sandwich Grill 112309
Contact grill with removable grill plates.
- Come with two removable plates easy to clean.
- Ideal for fish, meat vegetables, sandwich etc.
- The grill places have a non-stick coating so no oil or fat is needed reducing fat absorption for deliciously light food!.
- The removable grill plates are easy to clean.
- Complete with power and ready indicator lights, automatic thermostat and overheat protection.

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