Thursday, September 23, 2010

Choose your own iPhone 4 style~

An iPhone 4 case doesn’t just have to be about protection, it can be about style and individualism too.

You accessorize your house, your car, your outfits. Why? Because they look and work just the way you like them only after you've accessorized. Guess what? It's just the same for your own hand phone. If you are a iPhone 4 owner and want to get the max out of your iPhone lifestyle, you'll need to add some cool new case mate on it.

iPhone 4 Barely There Cases

Barely There offers a layer of protection and polish while leaving more of your device’s design visible. Just like the equipment it protects, the Barely There iPhone 4 case is made of specially-engineered material: a hard-to-break plastic shell that’s also flexible and impact resistant.

iPhone 4 Gelli Cases

iPhone 4, meet your happy match: the Gelli. Bright displays of fun color highlight cutting-edge technology. The Gelli iPhone 4 case brings visually dazzling patterns and flashes of color, all of which are uniquely blended for maximum pop.

Case-Mate iPhone 4 Ivy Case

Color and texture are intertwined in this classic new offering for iPhone 4. The Ivy case dresses up your constant accessory with a fresh, rococo pattern inspired by nature. A soft, embossed outer covering raised above the pink or black shell creates a unique texture and pleasant grip.

Case-Mate iPhone 4 Torque Case

For the sporty iPhone 4 user who’s always on the move, check out the Torque. Specially engineered silicon that’s double injection molded makes this sturdy case one of our toughest protective offerings. Torque performs at the pace of life. The patterned tire tread creates a strong grippable surface, providing traction to keep your ultimate tool securely hand-held.

Case-Mate iPhone 4 Tough Hybrid

This iPhone 4 case offers you tough protection with 2 layers. First, a silicone skin surrounds your iPhone 4 completely, absorbing all impact and shock. Wrapped around the skin is a tough, ABS plastic shell, which completely secures your iPhone 4 and adds another level of protection.

Case-Mate iPhone 4 Vroom Case

With Vroom absorbing the shocks, your iPhone 4 will handle like the masterpiece of engineering it is-both now and after you’ve covered a lot more ground together.

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