Friday, September 17, 2010

Crystallize Your Vechile Headlamps !!

Tired with the problem of headlamps? Headlamps are turn yellowish and hazy overtime, and eroded surface cause by sand blasting? What should we do?

Now, you don't need to worry anymore! With the Crystalite Headlamp Colour Coating, you can improve scatch resistance with crystalite hardness is 3H (normal headlamps is 1H to 2H). Not only that, Crystalite Headlamp Colour Coating also has very strong heat resistance, it able to stand heat from head lights and the sun.

Besides that, you can also make your headlamps look like crystals. Use Crystalite to make your headlamps look crystallized with colours to match your vehicle's body.With 8 different shades to choose from, Crystalite also protects your vehicle's headlamps from sand blasting, light scratches and accelerated ageing caused by sunlight.

Crystalite is developed through a combination of 2 breakthrough technologies of Japan, Nanotechnology and Sol-GelTechnology. Sol-Gel is the transformation of liquid (Sol) into solid (Gel) at ultra-low temperature. Crystalite forms a protective crystal-like layer on headlamps for that glossy appearance. Together with Nanotechnology and the latest in Japanese technology, Crystalite turns your plastic headlamps to shine like crystal.

With range of cystal colours to choose from, you may remove and reapply CRYSTALITE colour anytime to suit your style and preference.

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