Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Purple Cane on Mooncake Festival ~

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival is just around the corner. Some people call it as a Lantern Festival for the lanterns people will lit during its celebration. Some people also call it as Mooncake Festival for the round moon cake delicacies that are usually given to friends and relatives when visiting during the festival as an expression of best wishes and blessing of abundance. The Mid Autumn Festival is a goldmine for moon cake makers. So much so that Purple Cane, a brand popularly known for ‘Tea’, has introduced its own line of tea flavoured mooncakes.

农历八月十五是我国华裔的传统节日——中秋节。正所谓“八月十五月儿圆,中秋月饼香又甜”,这句名谚道出中秋之夜城乡人民吃月饼的习俗。月饼最初是用来祭奉月神的祭品,后来人们逐渐把中秋赏月与品尝月饼,作为一家人团圆的象征,慢慢的,月饼也就成为了节日的必备礼品,当然也自然而然地成为亲戚朋友互相馈赠的节日佳品。 以至于紫藤,普遍的‘茶',已经推出了自己的行茶口味月饼,再次打响了紫藤这个知名品牌。

Now, the Purple Cane Mooncake are available in Superbuy. Superbuy offers four different package for Purple Cane Tea and Mooncake. All package are include combination of a standard cantonese style crust mooncake, these are filled with a unique blend of tea flavoured classic fillings such as green tea infused lotus paste. The second set is the reverse of the first in that the crust is green tea flavoured while the stuffing is of the standard variety.

现在,紫藤月饼可在Superbuy预购。 Superbuy提供了四个紫藤不同茶叶和月饼配套。所有的配套都是标准的广式月饼组合,充满了独特的混合口味的茶,如绿茶注入莲蓉馅料的经典。

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