Tuesday, February 11, 2014

RIP Flappy Bird, can't take it anymore, too addictive

Mobile game industry is getting famous nowadays especially those that is free of charge. Previously there was trending games like angry birds which were known by the entire world due to its top ranking of popularity and now its the Flappy Bird who takes the lead. 

Flappy Bird is recent hot and trendy free mobile game made by Vietnam developer Dong Nguyen, it is a single player side-scrolling mobile game that features 2D retro style graphics. Its objective is to direct the bird with every tap on the screen which will briefly flap the bird upward to pass-through oncoming set of tubes without colliding with them. Each score is gained from every successful pass of a set of tubes.

With all the fun enjoyed by many around the world, Dong Nguyen suddenly decided and take Flappy Bird out of Google Playstore and Apple's App Store on 10th Feb 2014, currently the game is no longer available for download but existing user still get to enjoy the game. 

The reason behind this action was suspected by many which could be a legal issue with Nintendo but the reality turns out to be quite simple. The developers says the intention of the game was made to be played for short period like few minutes when you are relaxed but however it turns out to be very addictive and become a trouble to many which he said this is not suppose to happen. Dong Nguyen also said he had several restless nights and pressures on the response of this game, thus the action taken to overcome this is to take it out from the store for good and he will still continue to develop more games in the future.

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