Monday, February 3, 2014

Google sells Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. Lenorola or Motonovo?

With the recent release of the most value for money Smartphone the Motorola Moto G selling like a hot cakes, Google has just made another shocking news to everyone on selling Motorola mobility which Google acquired about 19 months ago to Lenovo at $2.91 Billion. However, Google will still retain majority of Motorola’s patent portfolio including its Android software.

Google said today's smartphone industry is very competitive and would be better served by Lenovo. At the same time this move from Lenovo is set to make Lenovo the world third-largest smartphone maker behind Samsung and Apple. If you still remember where does ThinkPad comes from, this acquisition of Motorola seems to be one of its major acquisition for Lenovo in hopes of bringing the Motorola brand shines like how they did to IBM's ThinkPad.

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