Thursday, February 6, 2014

Superbuy Promotion with EXTRA 20% Discounts for CIMB Clicks/Kwik account user

Superbuy is running a promotion exclusively for CIMB Clicks/KWIK account user by giving additional 20% discounts on selected items. 

Till date, there are up to 99 items gets additional 20% discounts at discounted price! Just type in the discount code KWIK20 and you will get 20% additional discounts for the selected item. Double the Discounts, Double the Fun!

As mentioned in the title above, this offer is only valid for users that make payment via CIMB Clicks/KWIK accounts. 

Promotion is valid until 6th March 2014.

Why wait? Click the shopping cart below and Shop NOW! Grab them all while stock lasts!

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