Friday, February 7, 2014

Motorola Moto G Unboxing

Recently Motorola Moto G has become a hot topic that has been discussed in most of the places and you can find out what makes this Smartphone so impressive from our previous post on preview of Motorola Moto G. Due to high interest towards this Smartphone, more questions arise such as the packages that comes with the phone especially when consumers read through some online phone review site that says other than the Smartphone itself, there is only a micro USB cable can be found in the box. 

There is high demand of questions being asked from our customers on what is packed inside the Motorola Moto G box, thus below is the photo taken for your references.

Referring to photo above, these are all the items you can find from the small treasure box of Motorola Moto G (Please note that this is 16GB version). 

Here is what we have found in the box:
  • The Motorola Moto G itself (16GB in this case)
  • Screen protector for Moto G
  • Additional hard shell back case (White in this case, the color of back case came in randomly)
  • Ordinary earphone
  • 3-pin charger 
  • User manuals 
  • Google drive card of additional 50GB storage.
After we fork out everything in the box, it seems like Malaysia's set of Motorola Moto G came with more accessories as compared to what other phone review site claimed such as gsmarena which is mostly due to the package being offered by different region is not the same package offered in Malaysia.

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